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The Complete Interview of Teal Swan's Alleged Childhood Abuser

by John Anderson and Cameron Clark

[**NOTE from Cameron: COPYRIGHT is retained by each individual writer/speaker.  It has been claimed that this posting violates the copyright of the magazine in which it was originally published. However, the editor-in-chief explicitly agreed that the contributors to the magazine would retain copyright to their work, in case they wanted to republish their work. She also promised to put a copyright notice, to this effect, in the magazine itself, but failed to do so. I never granted exclusive copyright to my work to the magazine—and to my knowledge, neither did any of the other writers/speakers in these interviews.]

[UPDATE from Cameron: A number of astute readers have wondered how it could be possible that “Doc” read Teal’s online bio, without realizing that she was referring to him, when making accusations of abuse. I attempted to address the issue in an update, the text of which can be found at the end of this post in the comments section. It occurred to me after posting it, however, that I should simply ask him to further clarify the statements in question. He was kind enough to respond to this query in a follow-up exchange on Nov. 8. I have added these clarifications to his earlier statements in the exchanges below, preceded by asterisks. There is a good deal of new material from this exchange. For "Doc's" response to this particular question, though, see here.]

Teal Swan has made some remarkable claims about being a victim of satanic, bizarre, sexual and physical, years-long, childhood abuse. In this article, we share the first known interview of Teal’s alleged abuser, “Doc,” concerning the alleged abuse. Included in this article is a handwritten letter Teal allegedly sent Doc in 2004. [Teal's letter to "Doc" is reprinted under fair use, since it serves the public interest.] Here are some of Teal’s claims, regarding the alleged abuse (followed by the interview itself):
In 1989, I was invited to visit the home of a girl who attended the same kindergarten class as I did. Her father was a member of a satanic coven in the area. It was there that I caught the attention of "Doc". I have had to change his name for the purpose of this bio for legal reasons. Doc was in his fifties or sixties at the time. As it turns out, my parents knew him casually already. But unbeknownst to my parents, he was a member of the Blood Covenant, but he had infiltrated a local Satanic coven. Doc was a sociopath with multiple personalities. The only personality that most members of the community saw (including my parents) was a super intelligent, charismatic and successful "do gooder" type of personality. Because of his multiple personalities however, Doc lived a double life. On one hand, he was a likeable, intelligent, local health expert [sic] was obsessed with the study of the human mind; on the other hand, he was a sadistic, [sic] psychopath who attended cult rituals in his spare time. I do not know if he and my parents had crossed paths again before this point, but having developed an obsession with the idea of possessing me, he followed me in his truck when I was riding my pink huffy bike alone one day, pulled me off the bike and raped me for the first time inside a local Mormon stake house....

To spare you the graphic details, from age six to nineteen I was tortured physically and sexually in cult rituals. I was raped, deprived of food and forced to undergo three abortions (all fathered and aborted by Doc himself). I was photographed for sadomasochistic pornography, sold to men for sex out of outdoor gas station bathrooms, kept in basements and in a hole in the ground in Doc's back yard [sic]. I was exposed to electro-shock programming, forced to undergo isolation torture and left overnight tied up in lava caves in southern Idaho. I was drugged chronically by Doc with anesthetics (all of which he had unlimited access to due to being a vet by trade). I was chased through the Idaho and Utah wilderness by Doc "playing" tracking games in which he would hunt me, and I would undergo consequences (like having my rib cage cut or being raped) if I was caught. And I was used as a lure to other children that ended up being hurt and on occasion killed. 
(This bio is reprinted virtually word-for-word in chapters two and three of Teal’s second book, Shadows Before Dawn.)
Teal has not released “Doc’s” real name publicly, but in 2013, she revealed his real name to one of us (Cameron Clark), alongside her ex-boyfriends Jared “Fallon” Dobson and Blake Dyer, her ex-husband Mark Scott, follower Graciela Hernandez, and follower Flavia Paiva. She apparently told the police his name, as well, as implied by the Herald Journal:
[W]hen [Teal] took her case to the North Park Police Department and Cache County Attorney’s Office in 2005, there apparently wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute. Deputy County Attorney Barbara Lachmar acknowledged the existence of Scott’s [Scott is one of Teal’s former surnames, the other being Bosworth] complaint when I phoned her office this week, but she would not speak about it other than to say “no charges to date have been filed.”
Furthermore, on June 27, 2015, Cameron received an email from a cameraman for KIVI 6 and FOX 9 in Nampa, Idaho:
Teal's [ex-] Husband [Sarbdeep Singh Swan] did give us the name of the alleged abuser. However, without another victim coming forward AND former charges against him... We will not be releasing his name. His initials are [redacted]. Is this correct?

[T]he only way we would use Teal's alleged abusers name... would be if formal charges were pressed against him.
The initials the cameraman sent Cameron match the initials of the name Teal told Cameron. This comes on the heels of an interview this news agency did of Teal in 2014, accessible at: Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

[Update from Cameron: After being posted for nearly a year directly on the station's website, the day after this blog was posted, the above links to all three parts of KIVI's interview with Teal were conspicuously removed. Clicking on those links now redirects readers to the news station's home site. The original three part news interview can still be seen on YouTube at:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. It's hard to say how long they will remain posted on YouTube.]

With his name in hand, the authors of this article were able to contact “Doc.” What follows are excerpts from our telephone conversation, followed by more conversation via email:

June 28, 2015: Phone Conversation between Cameron Clark, John Anderson, and “Doc” [November 8, 2015: Following this interview, "Doc" clarified a few matters via email. Each paragraph that has been inserted from the follow-up interview is preceded by an asterisk.]

DOC: Hello.

CAMERON: Hi. Is this [Doc]?

DOC: Yeah.

CAMERON: Hi [Doc]. I'm Cameron. We were just corresponding via email. I'm sorry for the late call. Is it a good time to talk?

DOC: I guess. Yeah.

CAMERON: Alright. Sorry for the call. I know it's kind of random, but it's kind of a sensitive topic, so we kind of wanted to talk to you in person, or at least on the phone. I have a fellow writer from the magazine with me. Is that okay?

DOC: I have a little hard time hearing on the phone.


DOC: If you can talk slow.

CAMERON: Sure. I have a fellow writer for the magazine with me on the call. Would it be ok if we chatted with you for a little bit?

DOC: Ok.

CAMERON: Are you there?

JOHN: Yes, I'm here.

CAMERON: Ok. John, do you want to start off?

JOHN: Sure, so, this is a difficult issue to discuss. Are you familiar with a woman named Teal Scott or Teal Bosworth or Teal Swan? Does that name ring a bell?

DOC: Yeah.

JOHN: You do know her?

DOC: Yup. Uh-huh.

JOHN: And are you aware that she's made accusations against you?

DOC: I had heard something like that, yeah.

*CAMERON: Where had you heard that?

*DOC: Just bits and pieces from mutual acquaintances.

JOHN: So we wanted to give you a chance to clear your name, because we're very skeptical of the stories that she's been telling, and apparently she's been telling a number of people, and she's been influencing people, and we want to give you a chance to say your side of the story, and hopefully if her accusations are false, to give you a chance to clear your name.

CAMERON: And I'm just basically concerned for you, to be honest, because I actually know her very personally, as well, and I believe it's very possible that you could be in danger. And I just wanted you to be able to know that, so that's partially why I wanted to be able to talk to you.

DOC: What particularly is she saying? I don't know exactly what her particular claims are.

CAMERON: Well, to start off, she's claiming that she was ritually abused and tortured for 13 years by—

DOC: Yeah, I've heard all that.

CAMERON: She's telling people your name and information, for one, which is kind of concerning. I mean, these accusations can't really be backed up. And, for two, her soon-to-be-ex-husband now has actually released your name to the media, a media outlet where she did a news interview. And this news outlet actually contacted me, asking about your info, as well, which kind of spurred me to go forward with letting you know what's going on. I witnessed her working one guy up to the point where he wanted to hunt you down and kill you, and I watched her do this in her kitchen. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what's going on, as far as her accusations are concerned. Is she just really mentally ill, and crazy?

DOC: She is.

JOHN: Yeah, that's clear. She's clearly psychotic, and I'm not the first person to say this, so it's very concerning, the things she's saying. And she's allegedly encouraged students of hers to kill themselves, and has allegedly been successful in at least one case, so we're very concerned about the influence that she's having. And as Cameron was saying, we're also concerned for your safety, if she's sending people to potentially hunt you down.

DOC: What particular accusations is she making about me?

CAMERON: She's claiming that you dragged her to satanic rituals, and also a Mormon cult offshoot. She is claiming that you were trying to rid the world of evil, because she had special abilities, and that she is some sort of a Eucharist. She also claimed that you had mentored her, and that you stole a lot of money from her, due to forcing her into prostitution.

DOC: I stole a lot of money from her?

CAMERON: Yeah, from forcing her into prostitution, and as an underage model.

DOC: [laughs]

CAMERON: She told me that you had taken almost $100,000 in money that she made from these modeling shoots that you set up for her when she was underage.

JOHN: Injecting her with ketamine, right?

CAMERON: Yeah, so your friend, who worked at a morgue, had access to dead bodies.

DOC: A morgue? You say, a morgue?

CAMERON: Yeah, something like an undertaker at a morgue, and therefore he had access to dead bodies. She said that you had sewed her into a corpse for hours as an eight year old child, and lord knows that's completely outrageous, because a newborn baby can hardly fit inside a corpse.

DOC: [laughs]

CAMERON: So I don't understand how she thinks that anyone believes these stories, but this is the kind of stuff that's coming out of her mouth. She claimed that she escaped from you, and has since recovered from the Nazi-Germany-style mind control programming you applied on her.

DOC: Her parents asked me to try to straighten her out a little bit, when they were having so much trouble, and I started taking her around on my rounds. I'm a veterinarian. We were treating animals. And this is where she got started with the hands-on healing stuff. She actually learned that from me.


DOC: And she kind of embellished that. My relationship with her was from her parents. They asked me to help them out. She got obsessed with horses for awhile, and they didn't know anything about horses, so I managed to find an old horse for her, and we set her up with the horse, and did some rides and so forth up in the hills.

JOHN: She has said that she went to see a psychotherapist, in I think like Salt Lake City, who has a reputation for basically implanting false memories into her patients' heads, so maybe that's part of what's going on, here, but I wonder: does Teal have reason to be angry at you? Did you have a falling out with her, or something like that?

DOC: Not actually, but one of the problems Teal eventually had with me, was that she couldn't sucker me into all of her games, because I'd call her on the carpet for the nonsense she was doing. The problem with Teal is, the reason she is so convincing, is that she believes her fantasies.

CAMERON: Yeah, that's very apparent.

DOC: And consequently, when she tells these stories, if you're listening to her directly, it seems like she's telling the truth, because to her, it is the truth. But they're totally, completely made up. Where she comes up with the ideas, I don't know, but she's completely disconnected from reality.

CAMERON: I would agree with you there.

DOC: And she's not a good liar, from the standpoint of these stories, because she tells all these stories, and you can't match them up. The timeframes overlapped. You know, it's ridiculous. In her bio, for example, she says she was raised in a cabin in the wilderness. Her folks were summer rangers up at Tony Grove Lake. They stayed up there for two or three months in the summer. They're schoolteachers. She didn't live up there—only just in the summer. And she said she had these modeling jobs, and she never really did. She wanted to, but you can't find any ads with her pictures in it. If she was a model, where's all the proof? She also was in Playboy Magazine.

JOHN: She was in Playboy, or she said she was in Playboy?

DOC: Well, as far as she's concerned, she was.

JOHN and CAMERON: [laugh]

DOC: And I think some of these young men that she kept running around with were just going along with her stories, and taking nude pictures of her, and so forth, you know, telling her she was going to be in Playboy Magazine, and all that kind of stuff. And then eventually, she's telling the story of how she was in Hugh Hefner's house there, for awhile, lived there.

JOHN: Well, I searched through Playboy, and I did not find any evidence that she was ever in it.

DOC: No, she never was. And then there's the story about her having a boyfriend in Alaska.

CAMERON: Trevor.

DOC: And something about her being addicted and that they went through a withdrawal type of thing. Her mother took her to China, and they did a little studying of Qigong and some of the Chinese arts. She graduated early from high school, and when I confronted her about the fact that she really didn't know anything, as we were doing some work in the veterinary thing—she obviously wasn't an accomplished student of any kind, and I kind of questioned her. How the hell did she graduate early, if she didn't know some of these basic things, you know, like math, and some things? And she admitted that she manipulated the teachers to get out early. She said well, you just have to tell them that you need help, and so forth. So, the bottom line is, if she opens her mouth, she's telling a lie.

JOHN: Yeah, that's pretty clear.

DOC: She's the reincarnation of Cleopatra.

CAMERON: Oh, I thought it was Sai Baba.

JOHN: [laughs] Probably both.

CAMERON: [laughs] Yeah.

DOC: And it just goes on and on and on and on. The stories are just absurd, unending. You know, it's so unbelievable, you can't understand why she has this believability, for other people to come around and listen to her stories. They're so off the wall. I looked at the thing that the newspaper or whatever reported how she witnessed these little Hispanic kids being tortured or killed, or burned up, or something like that. This is so bizarre. How could this have been happening when she was going to school and graduating early and living in North Logan with two schoolteacher parents, and her brother? It's just totally absurd. [laughs] You can't even counter these stories, because there's nothing—you don't even start out with any foundation. She just makes them up out of complete thin air.

JOHN: So it sounds like you've been keeping tabs on her. I mean, how have you been made aware of everything that's been going on with—

DOC: I've looked on the Internet to see what had happened to her, and I did that just recently.

JOHN: What inspired you to do that?

DOC: I was just wondering what happened to her.

*CAMERON: I was wondering if you can recall which version of Teal’s bio you read, in regards to the above statement?

*DOC: Not really, one was a promo for her book, another one or two articles on the internet at various times about her initial interview with a journalist from the local paper.

[Note from Cameron: It is important to recognize that Teal doesn’t appear to have provided any clues that point directly to “Doc” in her online bio until the end of 2014. The first online bio of hers that I can find appears to have been published on her website on or around October 13, 2011. Its only reference to her alleged abuser is this: “she was inducted as a child (unbeknownst to her parents) into a local cult by a family acquaintance, where she was routinely ritualistically tortured and programmed for a period of thirteen years.” By contrast, the first version of her online bio to mention “Doc,” as well as other identifying details, appears not to have been published until November 22, 2014 (or around that time). Point being, Teal has had many bios, in many places, with numerous revisions, and it's difficult to pin down exactly which version "Doc" ran across online in recent years.]

JOHN: No one's told you she's made these accusations? You've never been contacted by a reporter, or the police, or anything like that?

DOC: No.

CAMERON: Well, I'm glad we told you, then.

DOC: But she made accusations about her parents.

*CAMERON: What accusations did Teal make about her parents?

DOC: That they did not understand and apreciate [sic] her, and Gordon was disengaged.

JOHN: You didn't know that all these accusations that she was making on the Internet about the satanic cult—you didn't know that she was talking about you?

DOC: No. I had no idea that it was supposed to be me. *Because I am not and never have been a Morman [sic]. Morman [sic] cults were a central element of her story.

*CAMERON: If you had read her online bio recently, as you stated-- people want to know how it is that you didn’t know she was accusing you-- particularly because she lists so many identifiable traits in that version of her bio: family acquaintance,  “local health expert obsessed with the study of the human mind,” veterinarian, etc.

*DOC: The reason is that Teal has been fabricating stories since early childhood. They were initially the kind of harmless juvenile fantasies that most parents are familiar with, like being the reincarnation of Cleopatra. I discounted the stories then and continued to discount them as she grew older, not realizing that others who were not familiar with her history might actually believe them. Once she began to include sexual elements in her story lines people started to pay more attention. The characters in Teal's original stories were archetypes (angels, heroes, villains etc.) rather than material beings.  She only later came up with a specific name when seriously pressured by her boy friend [sic] or husband for the details.

*I did realize that I was probably the model for her fabricated villain but did not think she would ever go so far as to specifically name him, simply because he was not a real person. Both her mental therapist and the police who they originally reported the case to understood this fact: It never really happened.

CAMERON: She claims she lured the immigrant children herself. That she was part of it, luring them to be involved in these rituals. And she also claimed that she did so well, because she had dissociative identity disorder, where she could compartmentalize it—she claims she was really high-achieving, because she had dissociative alters.

JOHN: Yeah, dissociative identity disorder, in case you don't know, is what they now call multiple personality disorder. She claims she has multiple personalities.

DOC: Yeah, I know about that. I don't think so.

JOHN: No, I don't either.

DOC: This is the Teal that I became familiar with, and it's the same Teal all the time. Like I say, she's totally disconnected from reality. Whatever is going on, she makes up stories about it, even when she doesn't have to lie, she does. She makes up stories when it's not necessary.

JOHN: I'm wondering why she chose you in the first place. I mean, did she flirt with you? Do you think she was interested in you?

DOC: She learned some of the healing stuff by going around with me.

CAMERON: Did she want a relationship with you, and get mad at you or something?

DOC: No. We never had a falling out.

CAMERON: Did she want a relationship, though?

DOC: No. I am way older, you know. This was a little baby when I first met her. [laughs] She had her boyfriends bring her up to my place, here in Idaho, years ago—maybe 15—now, I don't know how long it was ago—it was quite awhile—and we had a little discussion about some things, and her boyfriend was doing the same thing that her mother did, they were asking me if I could talk to her, and kind of straighten her out on some things, and he said to me that I was the only one that she couldn't manipulate, that she had a great deal of success manipulating her mother, and she used to take great joy in it. What happened is that she would create situations so that the family got to the point where they couldn't eat meals together, because she would always create a situation for them, so they were all eating independently. They'd come home from work and fix their own meals themselves, and they just couldn't eat a meal together, because she would turn it into some kind of a deal, and she would purposely try to come up with something to upset her mother.

CAMERON: I believe that. I've seen her do that.

DOC: It was just like a game that she played, and then she would say something, and her mother would kind of have this reaction, and then she'd turn to me and smile—like, “look what I did.”

CAMERON: [laughs] I know exactly what that looks like.

DOC: And her boyfriend, like I say, he said I was the only one that she couldn't wrap around her fingers, and I was always calling her on the carpet and saying bullshit, you know, and that's not right.

CAMERON: So you're the only person she was afraid of, then?

DOC: She wasn't afraid of me. She just couldn't manipulate me. Everybody else, she could get them to do things that she wanted them to do, and she couldn't manipulate me, so basically, I think that's why she disconnected, eventually, and didn't want to be around me, because she couldn't get anything out of me.

JOHN: Yeah, I'm wondering about your last interaction with her. Were you confronting her about her lying and manipulation, or drug use? I mean, was there some particular topic of that conversation that upset her?

CAMERON: Did she steal drugs, like ketamine, from you?

DOC: I don't know the details about, like you say, drug use, whether she took drugs, or anything like that. I wasn't around at that time in her life, with all the boyfriends, and the group housing [with her intentional community], and all that kind of stuff. I was long gone, by that time. I only knew about that in retrospect, from what I saw on the Internet.

JOHN: I'm just trying to figure out what she was so upset with you about. What is it that you confronted her about that upset her so much?

DOC: I have no idea. In person, we never had any falling out, or anything.

CAMERON: She corroborates that, actually. She says she escaped.

DOC: Escaped?

CAMERON: She claims you had her tied up in holes in your backyard, and whatnot.

DOC: [laughs]

CAMERON: The night that she said she got away, she said it was because you made a mistake, and you didn't dose her up with an adequate amount of ketamine. You used to regularly shoot her up with ketamine, according to her. She claimed it was because you had access to it, as a veterinarian. She said that you didn't give her the right dose of ketamine, and so she noticed there were some marks on a dead body that you were forcing her to have sex with. She claims that you tried convincing her that she had been responsible for killing the man, but she noticed that the body lividity and the blood pooling on the body didn’t match up with the timing of when you said she allegedly killed the man. So she claimed that her reality crashed once she realized you had been lying to her, and she got in her car high on ketamine, and drove eight hours away to Blake’s house, never to come back. That was what she said.

DOC: She got into her car?

CAMERON: Yes, high on ketamine, and drove off, to go to live with Blake.

DOC: Well, number one, she never had a car. She had boyfriends who drove her around, from here to there, but Teal never owned a car.

JOHN: And how did it start? Didn't she say something like when she was, I don't know, five or six, she came to a sleepover at his house, and then, with his daughter? —

CAMERON: At a friend’s house, she said that you were there, and you knew the friend's father. She said that is when you first had access to her, and that you guys took child pornography pictures with her and her friend, when she was four or five years old. She said that eventually, she was riding her bike, when she was six years old, when you had seen her. You had stopped her on her bicycle, dragged her into a Mormon stake house, where you raped her at six years old, and sent her along her way.

DOC: We were friends, her mother actually worked for me, years ago, before she got married, and before Teal was born. And so we were friends with the family for years and years, and we were around when Teal was born. We saw her growing up. I got a horse for her. We helped with managing the horse, because her parents didn't know anything about it.

CAMERON: So her parents just spoiled her, and you just called her out on her crap, her whole life, from the time she was little? And you spent time with her, and you were the only one, because her parents didn't really discipline her?

DOC: Well, this was in her early life, when they were working at Tony Grove Lake. We would go there sometimes, and ride horses, and Teal was just a toddler, you know, when we put her on the horse, in front of us, and rode around, and that kind of thing. And then I moved to Idaho, and we kind of lost touch for several years. And then eventually, her mother called me, and said they were having all this trouble with Teal, and could I please come and talk to her, because I seemed to be the only one that could straighten her out, in their opinion, from their experience.

CAMERON: Did you have to straighten her out because she appeared to have hands-on healing capabilities, and did she say she could see things?

DOC: Their problem was that she had all sorts of problems at school, and they couldn't control her. They couldn't get her to do anything. She wouldn't do chores around the house. They couldn't discipline her. She refused to obey the rules. On and on and on. And so, I went down, and I started taking her around on calls treating animals, and showed her a little bit about healing, and had her work with me on treating some of the horses, and so forth.

JOHN: How old was she, at that time?

DOC: Oh, this would be, like, 13 or 14, or something like that, maybe. And then, eventually, when I—I don't know—I shouldn't be telling you what I told her parents, because that's kind of privileged information, and since I don't know who you are.

JOHN: Well, it couldn't be any more privileged than the things she's telling about you.

CAMERON: Yeah, I actually met her parents, as well. They're very nice people.

DOC: Well, I tried to tell her parents what the problem was. They didn't like it, because I basically kind of put some of the responsibility on them, and so they kind of broke off our friendship, when I finally said what I thought was the problem. And then I didn't see her for years and years. I haven’t seen her for a long, long time.

JOHN: So maybe that's why she was so upset with you, because of what you told her parents.

DOC: No, I don't think she knew I told her parents. Number one, she wasn't upset with me. She just made the whole thing up. We never had a falling out. We never had an argument. We never had any kind of negative things. The last time we were friends—I have a letter—I got letters from her where she claimed that she loved me, and that I was the only one that understood her, and that kind of stuff. So we didn't part ways with any kind of negative feeling at all. In fact, I think I still have—I probably could find a letter someplace—it's a stupid, teenager kind of thing—but no, she wasn't mad at me. This was all made up since years ago.

JOHN: When's the last time you corresponded with her?

DOC: And the whole thing about the Mormon—What's that?

JOHN: Sorry, go ahead. The whole thing about the Mormon?

DOC: I'm not a Mormon!

CAMERON and JOHN: [laugh]

JOHN: And you're not a satanist, or a Nazi, just for the record?

DOC: Not that I am aware of. I'm not a Mormon. I don't have anything to do with the Mormon church. I never have. All of that is a confabulation that she's just come up with. There weren’t any negative things. She's made that up. She's made every frickin' thing up. You can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

CAMERON: Yeah, I agree.

JOHN: So when was the last time you corresponded with her? How old was she, and what happened?

DOC: I have a hard time remembering when somebody was a certain age, but it was years ago, and she called me, and she was going to the bunny house, or whatever that—what's his name?—Hugh Hefner's place... And that's also when she told me that she was going to be in the next issue of Playboy. And that's the last contact I ever had with her, and that's, maybe, 10 or 15 years ago, or something like that. She had at least two boyfriends bring her up here for visits, for one reason or another, you know, short little day things: stop by, say hello, that kind of thing. She had a boyfriend that was deaf.

CAMERON: She's also mentioned to me she had a deaf boyfriend, at one point.

DOC: He brought her up here one time, and another boyfriend brought her up here one time, and was asking me to talk to her, and in none of those cases was there any negative thing. It was all congenial, just, you know: “How are you doing?” “I’m fine.” Like I say, if you try to make any sense out of any of it, you're gonna run into a lot of blind alleys, because none of it has any basis in the truth, whatsoever. I mean, not even to begin with. It doesn't start in a real situation. She sits around and just dreams stuff up.

JOHN: She seems to have become very dangerous. She's got thousands, if not millions of followers, and as I mentioned, she's allegedly encouraged people to kill themselves.

CAMERON: Not only is she convincing people to kill themselves, but as I said before, she gets her men very worked up. Her boyfriends can get very worked up, when it comes to these abuse stories. One in particular threatened to hunt you down, and kill you, and I watched her eyes light up. It's like she loves it. She gets off on seeing how far they'll go for her. It's like a game, and I just think it's a very dangerous game she's playing. She's playing with fire, really, and it's not a secret who she's saying that you are. She's basically released your identity, said that you were a prominent veterinarian in the Idaho area, and identified a friend of yours as a mortician of sorts—

DOC: As a mortician? [laughs]

CAMERON: —who worked at a crematory of some kind, and so had access to dead bodies.

DOC: [laughs] Well, see, there is no basis for that whatsoever. Number one, there wasn't a crematorium in my town at that time, and I don't have any friends in that realm. It doesn't even start with any kind of connection with her reality. It's just totally made up. [laughs] It's just like her modeling career, and the torture, the death cults, or whatever it was she said, is totally fabricated. It never happened. There wasn't any, even a little inclination that anything like that happened. She made it up totally. She's a sick individual.

CAMERON: You think maybe if she gets the help she needs, and maybe is in a padded room with supervision and medication, that she might be better off than out there leading a bunch of people off a cliff, like a virtual Jonestown? Because that's exactly what seems to be going on and brewing down there. She's got this new age alien cult started.

DOC: Where is she living now?


DOC: In Utah?


DOC: Like what, Park City?


DOC: That's another one, where she was on the Olympic ski team. [laughs]

JOHN: Is that true?

DOC: No. [laughs]

CAMERON: It's not true? [laughs]

DOC: There is nothing about Teal that is true! You can just take it all and forget it, because nothing she says is true!

CAMERON: I know that. It wouldn't be such a problem if it was just a crazy person on her own, but like I said, she's got a huge following, and a lot of this stuff is downright dangerous. A lot of her advice is dangerous, and there's a certain charisma about crazy people. Also, for your own safety reasons, I would be concerned. I'm surprised nobody has told you what's going on sooner than this, that she's named you, specifically.

JOHN: She named him to the police and the media, is that right?

CAMERON: Her husband that she's now divorcing—her third husband—is actually the one that reported your name to the local news media, in Nampa, Idaho. It's an offshoot of Fox News, and she got air time for this. They haven't released—they can't release, I don't think, your name, legally—I wouldn't think. But they do have it. And they actually emailed me, and asked me to corroborate your identity, as well. And I said I'm not releasing his name, because there's nothing that she says that indicated that she's telling the truth. And I actually have seen how he could be in danger. And then they assured me that they were going to do some background checks, and they weren't going to release the information on you. But they did let me know that her husband already named you, and they were looking into it.

JOHN: And someone called the police, as well, right?


DOC: What's that?

JOHN: Who called the police?


DOC: Really?

JOHN: Teal called the police, and did she name him by name?

CAMERON: Yes, she reported him. There is an open investigation, that started sometime around 2005, 2006. No charges have been filed, but you and these claims were looked into.

JOHN: And that's in the news, you can actually find that on the Internet. It doesn't have your name on the Internet, but apparently the police have your name, and have been looking into it. I'm surprised they haven't contacted you.


DOC: Well, I don't know what to say.

JOHN: I know this is all probably somewhat of a shock, although not totally, because you know what she's capable of.

DOC: The shock is that anyone would take anything that she says as being legitimate.

CAMERON: [laughs]

JOHN: It is shocking, and she has millions—literally millions—of people watching her videos on YouTube, and she has people living with her, so that's what concerns us, is the level of influence she has, despite her obvious insanity. She's been in the media, she's been on the news, she was interviewed by a Fox news affiliate—

CAMERON: KIVI TV in Nampa, Idaho. It's an offshoot of Fox.

JOHN: —where she's saying horrible things about you, without mentioning your name.

CAMERON: Not in public, but she says it in private, so she's getting these followers all worked up, and then she's letting your name loose behind the scenes, and it's dangerous. It's downright dangerous for you, and I just don't know how long it's gonna go on before something really bad happens. It's already happened with suicides... There's been at least two documented suicides.

DOC: What is the psychology, here, of these people who you call her followers? They have to be a little bit crazy, themselves, don't they?

CAMERON: Well, she's playing to their vulnerabilities. She's claiming to have endured all of these traumas, and made it through to the other side. So she's like this inspirational story to a lot of wounded people. So of course she's already attracting wounded people, and then you add this groupthink mentality, and this crazy person telling them all the answers to life. So of course, you've got a Manson-like following, and a lot of them are off their rockers, yes. But she's just adding fuel to the fire. And I do think that that's a problem. She needs to be stopped. She needs to stop doing what she's doing, at least, being a social danger—because granted, these people are responsible for following, but at the same point, you know—it's kind of like trying to cut the head off a snake, really.

JOHN: You've heard of Jonestown, Jim Jones?

DOC: Yeah.

JOHN: We're worried about another Jonestown, honestly.

CAMERON: Pretty much. She's got a lot of suicidal ideation. I don't know if you noticed. She was a cutter. She had a lot of emotional problems, supposedly, already—

DOC: Yup.

CAMERON: —and she's passing that along to her followers: it's okay, suicide's okay, it's a totally valid option….

June 29, 2015: Email Exchange

JOHN: If there are any other details you think might be interesting or useful for us to know, we’re all ears.

DOC: Teal was obsessed with horses but her parents had no experience with them and asked for my advise [sic] and help. I found a pony for Teal and taught her to ride. Consequently teal and I had a good relationship. Teal's mother contacted me about Teal's troubling behavior and ask [sic] me to see what I could do.

At the time Teal was supposedly cutting herself (wrists) and they were taking her regularly to a psychotherapist. Unfortionately [sic] the therapy (which including [sic] drugs) did not seem to help. Teal was relatively candid with me as we went about my appointments and I soon figured out that she was just scratching her wrists to simulate a cutting scar. The neighbor girl had been cutting herself and Teal saw what a psychological impact it had on the parents. Teal was scratching her wrists each time her father started pushing her to get a job and do chores around the house, and it worked. She confided in me that she was a reincarnation of Cleopatra and her parents were supposed to be her servants.

Teal was a master at manipulating her mother and took great pride in upsetting her. When I started taking Teal on my farm calls after school the family had stopped eating together becase [sic] Teal caused so much turmoil at meals.

I told them she needed to be disciplined...but her mother took her briefly to China to learn the discipline of QiGong which was one of the modalities I had been practicing.

Teal then decided to be a model and her mother set her up in an apartment in California to explore that option. I don't think that lasted more than a week or two.

Teal eventually realized that Olympic athletes are usually supported by their parents and that is exactly why she moved to Park City and pretended to be training for the ski team.

Teal is a master at using sexual inunedo [sic] to manipulate males. It never worked on me because I knew her too well ( from birth on) and that may be why she wants to discredit me now. I do know this, Teal never suffered any kind of physical or sexual abuse as a child. She was not a model, Olympic athlete, or in Playboy magazine.

June 29, 2015: Email Exchange – The Letter

DOC: I did find the [six-page] letter from Teal and attached are images, included photo, and envelope. This was written June 6, 2004 at the time she had just moved to Park City.

June 6, 2004 

Dearest [Doc],
       Noone [sic] has decided what is an easier Sanity, Freedom or Cages with a scheduled feeding and exercize [sic] time.

        I wish too much… To See the world in a grain of sand and the universe in a Sand Castle. I wish I didn’t drown people in the overflow from this little cup I plan to drink my life from. Didn’t only take a burlap sack From Idea to Idea and

       Leave them, Burning all bridges So None of them Could follow. I wish my Anger wasn’t So Acidic and Sadness
       So basic, that Both of them burn.
       I wish I wasn’t left wanting of a time where I still Believed an ocean existed inside every spiral shell, and the sound there was waves instead of a change in the air pressure. I wish I wasn’t flawed, but still had places to go towards Self Improval [sic] however small.
      So I Could Stare at the grain of Sand and feel the world. Instead of walking beaches and still feeling small or Large, depending on the day.

      I Made the United States Telemark Ski Team. And placed 4th overall at Nationalls [sic] this year (my first Big Competition.)

 I was Training everyday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm… Training for the 2010 olympics which seems So far away.
          I lived with A US. Bobsledder and her Shitzu [sic] puppy, And then ended up in this Fantastic place in Old Town Park City. A little Blue Cottage with My New Girl friend (if you can believe it)
          Sarah Elliot, A world record holding Speed skater and olympic Cyclist
          And Blake Dyer, My Boyfriend of 1 year Now. (Arial [sic] Skier who’s studying to be an International businessman)
I Just posed for playboy—maybe the Issue will be in late fall or winter. And for the past ½ A year I’ve been on a diet that excludes everything with Sugar because my Seizures were happening every day No processed food either.
I’m So healthy it’s scary. Hasn’t made a dent on the Self destructive tendencies I have Though, I’m starting to think that side of Me wasn’t Meant to change. In fact Aside from having to come home to Myself every Night, Puting [sic] Misery into Action Made Me clock in at 91 miles per hour in March. And All The Elite athletes I’ve been meeting all have a Reason they have to force
[Note: Doc writes, “In [this] letter she...claimed to be in playboy magazine; no need to research this as it...never happened.” We researched it, nonetheless. A comprehensive search of all photos in the issues of Playboy from June 2004 to May 2005 at shows no photos of Teal. Also, a search for “Teal,” “Swan,” “Scott,” and “Bosworth” at [site 1] and [site 2] reveals no signs of Teal either.]

past levels most people stop at.
It seems I’ve lost all Contacts I had with “energy People” And Though I love park city and Skiing, I’m lonely and I imagine Thats [sic] The real reason I’ve dreampt [sic] of you 2-4 times every week I’ve been away and thought of you 5 times more. I read your book again. And it made Me Miss you…
You were around me at a time when I was So fragile the line between life and Suicide was like millimeter Thick ice. Deciding whether to commit to life or Not,
So Things you said felt good. And Some things almost killed me.
I think Sometimes Strength is one thing that can never be given—only randomly acquired. I Miss your day long Speeches. I miss the Theories and the things we’d come up with together. You helped me realize something… I am the unhealed healer. I heal by healing others. I’ve gotten stronger. Therefore more tortured. Visited by much much more. Seen 2 legitimate psychics who both Confirmed what I already know… That my real life’s work will be on the Non Physical Rhealm [sic]. Connecting the 2 like a doorway. Medium Work.  People

Animals and plants Needy of that sort of thing have been finding me. And Animals (familiars) to aid me have been finding me too. I’ve never had an easy time (or desired) Talking with Rodents. And I’d end up in Tears Weeks out of time because this is the first Time in my life I’ve Never had a companion animal And now (as of 3 days ago) I own the most expensive Rodent in the world, A chinchilla who I Named Sang. They live 12+ years. And I have fallen in Love. Chinchillas have Very dark energy I wouldn’t have guessed That. They “key in” to one person usually and thats [sic] already happened with Sang and I. I give him dust Baths. And he falls asleep on my chest watching movies. I foundout [sic] he’s a charcoal chinchilla which is pretty rare. And I’ve found out Already That he starts “Barking” when entities enter the room. Are your Mules ok? I wonder every day what you’re doing If you’ve held any Clinics. And found big business. I Always thought your Ideas Were perfect. I heard you quit the

Veterinary Practice.
           I hope everyday that you quitting would make you happier I called some time ago though and [your wife] sounded miserable. So, I was worried.
          I May go to the Burkley [sic] psycic [sic] Institute in California Soon. Seeing as how Summer is Way too free! I’m secretly Studying Color Therapy...
          Had to figure out what my Fixation w/ surrounding myself in Blue was about. You know, it would seem that knowing what you Are and Want in life is Nothing to Commend a person for here on earth. The people here tear you further apart once you have a direction, Making The pain 3 times thicker. I suppose you could use it as a reason to Succeed. Something to Climb or Run away from.
          Sometimes I think I could pretend My life was only a movie I watched and was moved by.
          But deamons [sic] will always stay deamons [sic] when you ignore them or lock them up in the closets they hide in.
        They eat Fear like fuel,
        Needing No real food to Survive.
       So they Never starve to death like you wish they would…

            It is the worst years of your life that deliver you packaged and tied with a bow to the doorstep of the best ones,
          And things you don’t Need grow things you Needed the Most.
          Finally, I’ve learned to fall in love with Paridoxes [sic]. In
          this world, is just a war of
          Curveballs and Catches within a Game that Most of us have forgotten the rules to. I’m ok with that Now. I just have to Commit to playing it,
          And get you to Contact me again. So this letter was to tell you that I Miss you.
         And I Love You
         Very Very much.—My phone # 
         is 1-801-712-2568,
         Address is:
po. Box 683506 park city, UTAH, 84068
         Wo Hen Shian Ni! [Translation: “I Miss You Very Much!” in Mandarin Chinese]
         [heart shape] your

DOC: She made some claims about qualifying the Ski Team? I know Teal and can tell you that she does not have the ability to sustain an effort for any length of time. She was obsessed with horses but her riding instructor gave up on her because she would not work at improving her riding skills. She seriously neglected her horse, which forced others to feed an [sic] water it…

I doubt very much whether Teal could discipline herself enough to qualify for the ski team. In her letter to me she claims to have come in fourth in the trials. This is very convenient because they probably don't record who comes in fourth place. You should be able to look up the records to see if she actually ever got on the team.

[Note: According to Garrett Long, president of the US National Telemark Ski Association (USTSA), it is impossible for Teal to have finished in fourth place, overall, at this competition, because "she finished fifth and eighth [in the events in which she competed], which clearly doesn’t add up to fourth.”

Mr. Long’s claim is corroborated by, which reports that the USTSA National Championship at the end of the 2003/2004 season consisted of four events: (1) Slalom, (2) Sprint Classic, (3) Giant Slalom, and (4) Classic. Teal did not compete in either the Slalom or Classic. She finished in last place in the Sprint Classic (of the eight competitors who completed the course without being disqualified) and the Giant Slalom (of the five competitors who completed the course without being disqualified). Furthermore, her times were slower than every woman who completed these courses without being disqualified in the non-elite divisions, making her slower than every single woman who completed an event without being disqualified, in every event in which she competed.

Teal’s results at the National Championship at the end of the 2004/2005 season were similar. This competition also consisted of four events: (1) Outdoor Research Slalom, (2) Smith Optics Sprint Classic, (3) Voilé Giant Slalom, and (4) Icebreaker Classic. Of the seven competitors in the Outdoor Research Slalom, she finished in last place. Of the eight competitors In the Smith Optics Sprint Classic, she finished in last place. Of the seven competitors in the Voilé Giant Slalom, she finished in last place. She didn’t compete in the Icebreaker Classic. Of the seven women who competed in the elite category, she finished in sixth place, overall. The only thing keeping her from finishing in last place, apparently, is the fact that the last-place competitor competed in fewer events than Teal.

Mr. Long continues:
I do not have the records to confirm [whether Teal was given a team spot in the 2004/2005 season.] 
What I can tell you is that she was given a team spot in the 2005/2006 season, but didn’t compete in any of the events, including Nationals, in that season, and wouldn’t have been able to achieve the fourth place finish in 2003/2004. 
After separating from USSA [United States Ski and Snowboard Association], Telemark had become a less recognized sport, where a B team spot, as opposed to an A team spot, would not necessarily have been competitive.
Just showing up to competition in 2004/2005 was sufficient to get her a spot [on the team] in 2005/2006, but she didn’t compete in any events in the 2005/2006 season, according to our records. In the 2005/2006 season, we’re showing four sanctioned events [that took place], and she competed in none of them.

Mr. Long also explained that the fact that Teal competed in the “elite” category doesn’t imply anything about her skill, because there were no requirements to qualify in that category. Competitors chose the category in which they wanted to compete.]

June 29, 2015: Email Exchange

DOC: Upon some more reflection I think that Teal may feel threatened by my detailed knowledge of her background. I pose a potential threat to the believability of her narrative. I am not really interested in the details of her fairy tales. In my experience documenting the facts does not persuade true believers.

JOHN: I’d be interested to know what lies she tells in that bio, and I’d be particularly interested to see any proof you can provide to show that they are, in fact, lies.

DOC: There should be some public records concerning her parents [sic] employment, residence, and any case opened against me?

1. Her parents and I were not causual [sic] acquaintances, her mother worked for me as an assistant for several years before they were married. She thought Teal might enjoy working with the animals like she had.

2. Her parents were both school teachers who were camp hosts at Tony Groove [sic] Lake in the summer. Teal grew up just north of Hyde Park Utah...

JOHN: So it looks like Teal was wrong when she said, "Doc was in his fifties or sixties” in 1989—because you were [in your forties] in 1989—but she wasn’t off enough for this to [necessarily] constitute a bold-faced lie, or a major delusion.

DOC: 3. I was [in my forties] in 1989. Teal was never good at math. [Doc showed us his driver license, which confirms that he was in his forties in 1989.]

4. If there was a case opened against me, no one ever notified me about it.

5. I think her parents might have noticed some evidence of at least one of the three abortions.

6. I am not a Morman [sic] or religious (no church affiliation) and have never had any children.

7. Can she produce any evidence of her modelling career? Where are the adds [sic] she appeared in? She did model for some boy friends but i doubt they paid her for it. Where is the playboy layout they promised her?

8. Did she ever make the ski team? I doubt it very much because Teal never sustained an effort even for the horsemanship she was obsessed with. Her father eventually sold the horse because she would not take care of it. She never finished any thing she started.

June 30, 2015: Email Exchange

CAMERON: I watched her relish in riling up her ex-boyfriend, to the point that he said he would hunt you down and kill you. I sat in her kitchen, and watched her tell him and a group of others graphic details about how you had allegedly sexually tortured her, and forced her to work in BDSM clubs in Vegas. I watched and listened, while she told her ex-boyfriend that you had allowed her sternum to be crushed and broken by a chair, as a man sat with the chair leg on her chest, while masturbating on top of her. I watched and listened, as she told her ex-boyfriend that you had covered her in animal blood, during satanic rituals, and that the cow’s blood had entered scrapes on her body, causing staph infections all over her back. I heard her tell him that the reason she has no moral compunctions against strangers “fingering” her, is that you took her to tantra classes at age nine—and that digital penetration to her is therefore no different than a handshake. This happened after she had allegedly been digitally penetrated by a client during an “energy healing” session in Teal’s house. She told Fallon, her ex-boyfriend, these stories, after he was upset that Teal had allowed this client to digitally penetrate her. He was so angry, by the end of her stories about you, that he went on the Internet to look up your information, and threatened to drive to Idaho in the middle of the night to kill you. He has also publicly alluded to this in a comment on a public blog post. It’s all a game to her, it seems to me, but a dangerous game at that. I think she is potentially putting you in quite a bit of danger.

DOC: This is what is difficult for many to understand. Teal's stories are not about the specific details, they are about flipping the switch of the person she is talking to. Like pretending to cut herself got her parents to respond the way she wanted them to. The stories about sexual abuse are designed to get a reaction and not about communicating factual information.

She composes them on the spot according to the way the specific listener reacts. Consequently the stories seldom if ever match up chronologically or factually. If the listener needs to hear the name of the abuser to believe her story she will supply the first one that pops into her head. She does not worry about the potential consequences of her statements beyond the context of the present situation. Consequently her stories are really not about me personally, who in another context she "loves very, very, much" (page six [of the letter she sent me]).

The thing I find most interesting is that people are obsessed with the specific details of stories that are complete fabrications. It is not about the who, what and where of Teal's childhood sexual abuse, because it never happened in physical reality. It all happened in her fantasy world.

Incidentally [Teal’s alleged] psychic abilities...are limited. She told us that Elizabeth Smart was definitely buried in the Snowville dump, for example.

DOC: Unfortunately I made the stupid mistake of giving Teals' [sic] mother my candid opinion of the problem. The big problem in our minds (my wife and I) was that Teal's mother was unable and/or unwilling to discipline Teal in any way and her father refused to get involved. I suggested what [sic] they needed to impose some rules of conduct and strictly enforce them. Consequently and predictably they took this as a personal attack and rejected the whole idea and me for making the suggestion. Teal's mother had a degree in psychology and believed professional therapy was the answer, even thou [sic] it was obviously not working.

I heard subsequently from mutual acquaintances that they had bought into at least some of Teal's fantasy. They moved physically and mentally out of the picture to southern Utah in order to avoid dealing with the problem they refused to accept any responsibility for. B lamming [sic] someone else (me or some other bogyman [sic]) for the problem is a convenient way to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the mess.

I believe Teal's continued antagonism with her mother/father was due to her fundamental need for a structured life they did not provide; No rules and no accountability. Her repeated attempts to confront her parents were her way of asking them to provide some guidance. She needed and wanted parenting they were unprepared to provide.

She has public ally [sic] denounced them and remains estranged as far as I know. Therefore their opinion may have evolved by now..
[We called Teal's parents. When we told her mother we wanted to interview her or her husband about Teal, she hung up the phone.]

DOC: Teal's aunt is the astronaut Mary Volgesberg (sp). She theoretically would be a more objective and rational individual than Bobby (Teal's mother). But you never know how much she actually knows about the situation. She probably got only Bobby's limited version as she is not the type to follow Teal's internet adventures.
[We called Teal's aunt, Mary Cleave. Her response: "Teal is my niece. Teal is a family member of mine, and I don't do interviews about family members.]

CAMERON: I spent a weekend with Teal’s parents at their house in the Escalante Desert, and met her brother several times. I had the sense, while I was there, that her parents were still walking on eggshells with Teal, even though their relationship appeared to be loving and supportive, at that time. She seems to go through constant falling out and reconciliation cycles with them, though. They seem to stay involved in her life rather closely, since the birth of Teal’s son. Her parents are very involved in raising him. I get the sense that they stay in her life for the sake of her son, even though they may not actually buy all of her BS. Teal has recently attempted to publicly patch things up with her parents, but it seems more like a publicity stunt, or marketing tactic. It seems she has dragged her parents through the mud fairly consistently, in the past. I also recall that her brother, Sky, at our second meeting, divulged that he thinks his sister has “an imagination, and a penchant for exaggeration,” which I thought was rather telling, given that I was a virtual stranger to him.

CAMERON AND JOHN: Did you respond to that letter? Was that the last communication you had with her?

DOC: I received two or three similar corresponses [sic] over the years, but never responded to any of them, as they just rambled and never posed any questions that needed answered [sic]. This was several years ago and I do not remember any specific details about them except for one which included several revealing photos I wisely decided not to show my wife. I did not intend to keep them and found this one only incidently [sic] while reorganizing my old files a couple years ago. I don't know why I kept it then, but it retrospect it seems to have been a good idea. I also got a couple of telephone calls that I do not remember anything about, except that they were not about any particular issues; just checking in. She had two different boy friends [sic] bring her to Idaho for discussions about my on going [sic] healing research. One was deaf the other was an associate of Gordon"s [sic; Teal's father] in the forest service. This associate of Gordon's was not a [follower of Teal] and could collaborate [sic] much of my account. He said, at the time, that he brought her because he was worried about the confrontational and erratic behavior she displayed at her family's holiday dinner the day before and I appeared to be the only one she could not buffalo (technical term in cowboy psychology).

July 1, 2015: Email Exchange

CAMERON Did you know she suffered from "seizures" before receiving that letter?

DOC: supposedly, yes

CAMERON: If so, when did she first begin having them?

DOC: ???

CAMERON: What do you think was the cause of them?

DOC: 1. I was always suspicious that she was faking them to manipulate her mother because she never had one while I was around. Seizures like cutting has a powerful psychological effect on other people.

2. She was addicted to white sugar. She kept a jar of sugar with a spoon in it under her bed.

3. The psychologist she was seeing was always trying different medications on her.

CAMERON: Did you try helping her manage them?

DOC: I told her to stop eatting [sic] the sugar.

[Teal and her mother] had an antagonistic relationship when I was around. In one of our many candid conversations driving to an fro [sic] my farm calls Teal said she got the male teachers to help with her school work by being friendly and faking helplessness. She was able to graduate a year or two ahead of time this way. When she wanted something from a male she would hug, touch, bump, and sit close to them. Then pull away quickly if they actively reciprocated in any way.( Accomplished Teaser)

CAMERON: Teal has mentioned that you were a lifelong bachelor. However, in the letter Teal sent you, she said she tried calling, and, "[your wife] sounded miserable.”

DOC: [My wife] thought Teal was always trying to manipulate me and did not like it...we have [sic] been married a long time before Teal was born.

CAMERON: How long have you been married—if you don't mind me asking?

DOC: 34 years to [my wife] and 15 to [my ex-wife] before that

CAMERON: I only ask because this is yet another possible glaring inconsistency in Teal's narrative. You wrote, “He said, at the time, that he brought her because he was worried about the confrontational and erratic behavior she displayed at her family's holiday dinner the day before and I appeared to be the only one she could not buffalo (technical term in cowboy psychology)."

Did you ever witness or learn about Teal being physically violent towards anyone other than herself?

DOC: No, she was not violent or physicaly [sic] abusive to either people or animals.

CAMERON: Also, what do you mean by “erratic behavior”?

DOC: (The associate's words) Disruptive is purhaps [sic] a better word. I told you that the family had stopped eatting [sic] together because she reportedly always created some kind of contraversy [sic] that upset everyone. I never witnessed this first hand however.

July 10, 2015: Email Exchange

DOC: The real culprit here is Teal's parents who have refused to face the situation. Bobbie [Teal’s mother] knows full well that I do not fit the profile of Teal's supposed villain. She also obviously knows that Teal's bio is fabricated. Why do they not speak up? Why do they selectively accept the rape allegations when they know the rest is all made up? I think the reason is that they do not want to accept any responsibility for the problem.

If any part of Teal's fairy tail [sic] is true, her parents qualify as the worst in the world. They did not know she was abducted at night, held captive, raped repeatedly, tortured, aborted three times, attempted suicide, buried in an Idaho cave etc. etc. etc. ????? All that trama [sic] and turmoil was not noted by her teachers either and apparently did not ultimately interfere with her school work? (She graduated early from high school). Scheduling her homework assignments between all those traumatic and emotionally charged incidents must have been difficult.

[Sarcastically:] The obvious answer is that she is, as she contends, a super natural [sic] being in touch with universal truths, and not a mortal being subject to the laws of nature like the rest of us are.

DOC: I am surprised that she persisted as long as she did in her efforts to get on to the Olympic team.  Her failure to improve over time is due to the fact that she is not disciplined enough to practice. Her horse riding instructor said as much.  That riding instructor worked for me for a time as did Bobbie (Teal's Mother).

CAMERON:  I doubt she saw much opportunity for significance and praise in front of an audience with her horseback riding instructor, so it makes sense that her interest in riding was short lived. Is this riding instructor still in contact with you? Teal’s mother told me a story one time that really illustrated Teal's attention seeking behavior and exhibitionism. Teal's mother said that their neighbors had called them to complain when they saw Teal riding around on her horse naked as a teenager.

Your observations of Teal are consistent with what I observed. Obviously, her efforts in her skiing “career” fizzled out fast, but I’m not surprised that she would have expended at least some effort. Her exaggerated bragging rights to having been an “elite” Olympic athlete would have been incentive enough. I do find it worth noting that when it comes to being recognized for her talents or achievements in front of an audience, Teal is willing and able to sustain an effort. When it comes to doing something Teal likes to do, she has the ability to focus. Teal openly admits to prioritizing time spent on her career (e.g., paintings, YouTube videos, writing, workshops, and interviews), over the time spent taking care of her son. So, I can certainly see where she would not have given a second thought to neglecting her horse, as you previously mentioned.

As long as Teal sees an opportunity to be recognized for her specialness, or to put on a show in front of either a camera or an audience, I observed that she is quite capable of applying herself. I find this fact contradictory to her claims that your alleged mind control programming was effective in rendering her dependent and helpless, as she would like to make it seem.

When it came to basic day-to-day responsibilities, Teal didn’t demonstrate self-discipline or consistency. She showed no fondness whatsoever for the drudgery and monotony of housework, chores, and parenting her own son. She only ever seemed to exhibit a sustained fondness for sadistically, mentally, and emotionally picking people apart; being in front of a camera/audience; writing or talking incessantly about herself;  traveling; or trying something exciting and new. It seemed to me that her narcissism caused her to view any tedious, repetitive, or otherwise mundane tasks as beneath her. She abhors self-sacrifice, so Teal doesn’t do anything that Teal doesn’t want to do. [Self-sacrifice is so contradictory to Teal's nature, in fact, that it's hard to believe she would have ever suffered in silence to protect her family as a child.]

She conveniently claims that her undisciplined nature; unwillingness to consistently care for her son, clean house, and do dishes and laundry, is due to the mind-control programming you administered to her as a child. She claims that sophisticated electroshock programming, and other drug-induced mind-control techniques have effectively disabled her inclination toward independence and self-care. She claims that broken glass “triggers” her into dissociative seizures. She won’t do dishes, lest she risk breaking a glass. Meanwhile, drinking out of glasses is a risk she’s willing to take; so is occasionally cooking in the kitchen, but only when there is an audience to impress, and she is in the mood. Teal also claims she can’t do laundry, because you had electroshocked her in the basement whenever she would go near a washing machine. To this day, she claims to suffer from some fear-based, aversive, Pavlovian response to washers and plugging in appliances. Allegedly, the response to touching a washing machine is so powerful for her, that it can “trigger” her into dissociative seizures.

I witnessed innumerable instances of her using these tales of abuse to garner sympathy and pity from her men, as well as the followers in her “intentional community”(aka cult)  that live with her in Utah. She uses these sob stories to justify her indolence, and convinces her followers to do her dirty work for her.

DOC: 1.  The fact that using the washing machine precipitates Teal's seizures is interesting (which is incidentally another fact we have no proof of).   This is another example of the central theme of her life, which is that she is above participating in the mundane because she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra and her parents are here only to serve her: she refused to help out around the house, take care of her horse, or get a job. The cutting her wrists charade was a ploy to avoid being forced to get a job and the whole Olympic thing was about her securing her parent's financial support without being held accountable.   It lasted until she found a boyfriend who would support her.     

Therefore the claim that  someone else who cares will need to do her laundry for her because she can not use the washing machine seems to fit the pattern.  I think the fact that she never had a seizure when I was around is because she knew I would not buy it.

2. Another huge deficit in the story line is the lack of any medical records documenting all the trauma she reportedly suffered. Mortals would have had to see a doctor for the cut wrists, a staph infection, a broken sternum, multiple rapes, and abortions.   Did she, as a young child, know how to  deal with all these serious medical issues herself, so effectively that her parents and teachers were completely unaware of all those medical problems? Are we to believe that her mother who repeatedly had her examined and treated  by mental health professionals, was blind and inattentive to all her physical health problems?   Maybe Doc programmed them too?

My wife says that in Teal's latest TV interview she has relocated the incident to Idaho? I have not seen it but that would seem to contradict her published bio.

CAMERON: It is important to note the obvious discrepancy in the news interview. [T]he border between Preston, Idaho (which was mentioned in the news interview), and Logan, Utah is only a 30-minute drive?

DOC: Actually it is more like a 45 minute drive to their home in Hyde Park. An interstate  commute (by car) seriously complicates her original narrative of the events. Did she hitch hike or ride her bike home when she escaped?
Imagine:  Night time abduction in Utah --> commute to Idaho --> Torture/molestation --> commute back to Utah before her parents awake and in time for her to get to school on time.  

CAMERON: I have a difficult time imagining, let alone believing these accounts. More often than not, Teal’s elaborate and detailed narratives don’t leave much to the imagination. Because she allegedly demonstrated extrasensory/psychic abilities as a child, Teal claims that she was considered an “oracle,” and you were considered her “keeper.” She claims this is an occult tradition going back thousands of years. If memory serves, she said the nighttime abductions were contingent upon her having been previously “programmed” (don’t ask me how) to wake up around 2-3 am on satanic ritual holidays (averaging three per month) and voluntarily sneaking out of her house to go meet you in a designated spot. This is where you supposedly picked her up and drove off to use her in various coordinated rituals (e.g., black masses, calling forth spirits from the underworld, blood drinking, beastiality, pedophilia, child and animal sacrifices, and bible burnings) with the other satanists in the area. After said rituals, you allegedly drove her back home, where she would sneak into her house before her parents noticed.

Aside from being wholly unbelievable, something else that’s always bothered me in this story is that she claimed that you had convinced her that you were her real father, and she was actually a demon whom her parents would abandon if they ever found out the truth. Yet somehow, she also claimed she was so quiet and complicit in her abductions as a child, because you had threatened the lives of her entire family, should she ever speak about what went on. So, she claims, that like the brave, stoic little demon/martyr that she was, you knew that she would never make a peep. [Considering Teal's adult history of publicly throwing her parents and brother under the bus in blog posts without first considering their feelings, I find it hard to believe that as a child Teal was any more selfless in wishing to see them protected than she appears to be now.]

Teal also claimed she was staying the night once with her only childhood friend, Lauren, when she woke up in the night and had to walk miles on foot to the normal meetup spot as a (nine or twelve year-old). Lauren is apparently a therapist now, and she was also interviewed in the upcoming documentary we told you about.

Teal claimed that during the 80’s and 90's, while she was in grade school, the laws protecting grade school children from abductions were more lackadaisical. Therefore, a family friend, like yourself, was able to write notes, excusing her from class, on occasion, without opposition.

This is when you allegedly set to work on systematically fracturing her mind, and programming different “alter” personalities. She claims that after thirteen years, she ended up with twelve different alters, which she has since miraculously integrated in psychotherapy. She says you are quite knowledgeable and adept at using sophisticated MK-Ultra/Nazi-style mind-control programming techniques, which you’ve studied in great detail, and applied on her. You yourself are an extremely intelligent, maniacal genius, according to Teal. You did not make mistakes, up until the night she claimed to have “escaped.” You always meticulously covered your tracks, during these sacrifices and rituals, which is why she says you were never caught. She claims that whenever you had access to her, you administered analgesic drugs, such as ketamine, to put her mind into a suggestible state; you applied electroshocks; and you brought her to lure and play with foster and immigrant children in the area for sacrifices, rituals, and induction into the cults. She even said you did things like make her watch scenes over and over from gory movies, convincing her they were real, while you implanted memories and threats that were used to fragment and program the alters, whenever her mind was in a suggestible state. She also claims that during these outings from school, you took her to tantra classes (at age nine), and prostituted her out to local satanists, who were into harnessing the sexual life-force energy of children.

[Note from Cameron: This all sounds like information I've found online when researching MK-Ultra mind control conspiracies. A simple google search of MK-Ultra produces nearly 11 million hits containing material on the subject of mind control programming. Teal could have easily stumbled upon this info, read up on it online, and confabulated her experiences in therapy with Barbara Snow.]

It seems to me that most people are forgetting that people can simply be born mentally ill. It happens. Teal would like to promote the idea that trauma during childhood is the cause of all the ills of the world, but that has simply not been proven to be the case. Many people endure horrendous abuses and trauma, while never becoming psychopaths, serial killers, or pedophiles themselves.  There is strong evidence to suggest that psychopaths are born, not made. Teal’s parents would know deep down whether Teal exhibited signs of mental illness from birth (before you entered the picture). Teal has publicly mentioned several times that her mother was always scared of her—even as a baby. If this is true, it seems very telling. It may have been a difficult thing for her parents to deal with and accept, and they surely must have felt out of their depth, in raising a mentally ill child.

Due to their progressive and new age beliefs, Teal’s parents may have fallen into the trap of thinking that she was chosen to be blessed with psychic gifts, rather than face the fact that she was exhibiting signs of mental illness. Perhaps their beliefs, in this regard, could have even affected Teal’s deep desire to feel special, rather than being humbled by the challenges of growing up?

It’s really unfortunate, but I can see why Teal’s parents would rather believe, in hindsight, that Teal’s conditions were brought on or exacerbated by your alleged abuses. It might be easier for them to accept this fable, rather than accept that she was simply born a psychopath. It seems to me that they may carry guilt for simply not knowing how to handle her growing up—but the fact of the matter is, they still don’t (know how to handle her). Unfortunately, by enabling her, and indulging her fairy tales, they are a party to her abuses and endangerments to you, her son, and many others. It seems to me that a reality check has been in order for quite some time.

DOC: I am sure Teal is an example of a recognized psychological condition.  We have an ex daughter in-law who is exactly like Teal. She has been characterized as a sociopath.

1. She lies when telling the truth would be easier and better.
2. When fabricating a story she displays none of the typical subliminal signs of  a liar, because a sociopath has no concern for the feelings of others.   Consequently people are inclined to believe her.
3. She is a non achiever who fabricates grandiose stories designed to inflate her status.  She often wears uniforms she is not qualified to wear.
4. Her stories are typically unrealistic, unbelievable, contradictory and easily discredited.
5. She is not phased when the facts are pointed out by others.

CAMERON AND JOHN: She sounds a lot like Teal! We agree that Teal fits the profile of a sociopath/psychopath.

In regards to your ex-daughter in-law: you mentioned, in your previous email, that you had no children. Teal has mentioned this as well. So when you say “ex daughter in law,” are you referring to an ex-wife of a stepson of yours?

DOC: My wife had two boys in a previous marriage.

CAMERON AND JOHN: Did Teal ever have any contact with them?

DOC: No.

DOC: In Teal's story of cult abuse, the perpetrator sexually molested her and tortured/murdered young children.  It is interesting that the sympathetic reactions to the story  focus primarily on the sexual abuse rather than the murders.

CAMERON AND JOHN: Yes, is interesting indeed.

DOC: You would think that the murders would be the most egregious acts. Then we have the problem of Teal's initial refusal to name any of the cult members which would have been the first and most important step in preventing any more children from being sacrificed.   Is that because it was not her priority to save other minority children?

CAMERON AND JOHN: Good question. Her callousness and cavalier disregard for the safety of other alleged and potential victims has been noted. At the very least, she had no concern for any future victims, and it’s certainly convenient that she waited to file a police report until her therapist threatened to tell police if she didn't. All these murders and missing children happened with no names of the perpetrators and no evidence whatsoever. It’s absurd.

DOC: The reason is that the torture /murder scenario is the most difficult to believe.
Murder of who is obviously the big question? There are no bodies, physical evidence, missing child reports, or crime scenes identified.  We are supposed to believe that illegal aliens are so afraid of deportation that they would not report missing children?

CAMERON AND JOHN: Good point. This has been mentioned by other critics of Teal as well.

CAMERON: Teal’s detailed, elaborate narratives have a way of keeping her audience’s minds busy, and caught up in their emotional centers, while simultaneously disabling their logical centers. She is adept at capitalizing on people’s empathy and trusting natures, in order to play them like mandolins. I and several others have studied the strange effect she has on many otherwise rational people. We’ve taken to calling it the “Teal Spell.” The reason she seems so convincing—to many unaware listeners, who are inclined to believe her stories—is that she invokes cognitive dissonance in them. If you observe her affectations, tone of voice, and body language, for any amount of time, it becomes clear that she is a cognitive dissonance factory. She is incongruent in face, voice, and expression in her videos, most of the time. Whether she fully believes her own stories or not is debatable, but there always seems to be an agenda to manipulate her audience, in telling them.

DOC: The important point is that she always crafts (changes) the story in order to get a reaction from her present tense audience; a reporter in Idaho in this case.  If it was Idaho why did she not say that originally? Why not include that important fact in the original police complaint? 

CAMERON:  Well, I haven’t seen the actual police report Teal filed. However, this quote, indicating that Teal told police about activities in Southern Idaho, can be found in the online Herald Journal article: “She claims he covered her with animal blood to prostitute her to fellow Satanists at a local motel and used her to lure illegal immigrant children to him in Southern Idaho.”

[Note from Cameron: Teal has apparently filed one police report to date. Teal filed her report in the state of Utah, 10 years ago, at her therapist's behest. At the time, she did not provide enough evidence to police to file charges, and the case has been completely cold ever since. Meanwhile, "Doc" has never relocated, and he is not in hiding. According to Teal's publicly released narrative, she claims she witnessed and participated in satanic rituals where countless immigrant children were abducted, burned to death, and tortured in Idaho. However, in the 10 years since initially filing a report in Utah, Teal has apparently never even bothered to follow-up reporting crimes to the Idaho police. Why is that? Each crime legally had to be reported in the state and jurisdiction that the crime occurred in. Wouldn't it have made more sense for Teal to file the report to the local authorities in Idaho, not Utah, if she were really concerned about preventing the deaths of more children?

Teal would have had to have been able to provide locations and dates for the crimes she reported to police. The dates in theory shouldn't be that hard to pin down-- since satanic ritual holidays aren't hard to track. The timing of the crimes is easy to narrow down. They all allegedly happened in the middle of the night while Teal's parents and brother were sleeping. Aren't locations like Lava Caves pretty obvious landmarks?

It is certainly curious that with all of Teal's alleged psychic abilities, and memories that she was never able to provide a shred of concrete evidence. In the 10 years since filing, she hasn't been able to provide any more leads or information for police to follow-up on? There were no names of victims, missing children reports, witnesses, dates, times, bodies, or locations for any of the heinous crimes she says were committed?]

DOC: By naming me now as the cult leader she is essentially accusing me of murder.

CAMERON: Yes, not just essentially, but actually, she is accusing you of murder. She is also implicating herself as an accomplice. If it’s true that she helped you to lure children to be sacrificed, and didn’t speak up about it until years after she had “escaped,” it seems clear to me that Teal could be considered an accomplice.

Not only that, but she’s claiming that all this happened when you had a wife at home? I found it very curious that Teal never mentions your wife, in all these fantastical stories of hers. My guess is that doing so would complicate the plausibility of her narrative. It seems to me that Teal would also be implicating your wife in your crimes, if she were to mention her. How is it possible that, after 35 years of marriage, your wife never noticed that she was married to a sociopath with multiple personalities?

Did your wife never notice you studying up on Nazi Germany mind-control techniques?

Is Teal suggesting that your wife never noticed that you were out abducting children late at night, conducting satanic rituals, keeping Teal in your basement for electroshock programming, and tying Teal up in holes in your back yard? I imagine that your wife is very upset by the implications of Teal’s accusations.

DOC: Did you ever find any advertising that Teal was a model in?

CAMERON: Nothing high fashion. We only ever found low-quality nude modeling pictures on the porn/prostitution sites on the Internet. It seems she worked with several photographers who may have paid her for nude modeling, at some point, but these were most likely friends or acquaintances of hers. If Teal’s claims of being scouted by a New York modeling agent outside of a feed store at age twelve, and traveling around the world as a supermodel were true, there are certainly no high-fashion pictures or advertisements online or in print to substantiate this.

DOC: Considering all the rest of her stories how could she have possibly found the time to travel around the world[?]

CAMERON: Add this to a growing record of Teal’s pathological lies and exaggerations.

DOC: One problem with debunking her stories is that she changes the details in the next telling to cover the inconsistencies that have been pointed out. It would be like an endless game of wackamo [sic]; trying to counter each new version she invents.

CAMERON:  Not necessarily. Most of her claims are in print and in video. There is quite an extensive archive. If Teal blatantly contradicts her back stories, or starts changing them up to backtrack and counter you at any point, people are going to see this. She can’t hide it. The thing about Teal’s narrative is that she rarely changes up the stories she tells the public. She tells the same stories over and over again, almost as if they are rehearsed. If you were to poke holes in her publicly released narrative, and if she were to change her narratives this late in the game, you’d better believe a large number of people would take notice—particularly people considering giving her more media exposure.

DOC: Another problem is the fact that we are trying to rationalize with people who are inclined to believe Teal's ridiculous juvenile fantasies. The story line is typical of an adolescent sexual fantasy rather than something an experienced adult rapist would do.  These are not rational people who can be persuaded with objective facts.  Consequently debunking her stories will not effectively change their mind.  That is like pointing out the inconsistencies in any established religious doctrine. 

CAMERON: It’s true that most of the people drawn to Teal and her messages are very egocentric, and many are not playing with a full deck of cards when it comes to logic and reason. Most of them are mindless followers and spoiled westerners clinging to a belief system that exalts their baser consumerist desires. They like listening to Teal, because she makes them feel good about wanting to “manifest” money and their perfect relationships. She makes them feel good about feeling damaged and defective. Finally, when they realize that they are still damaged, defective, and depressed, after taking her advice—and that their “manifestations” aren’t working out the way they had planned—Teal also convinces them to feel good about wanting to kill themselves. Teal has built a career off of being the equivalent of a spiritual drug dealer, dispensing puerile, feel-good platitudes to desperate people. Most of her addicted followers simply haven’t pulled themselves away from her YouTube videos for long enough to realize that they are still just as empty and lost as they day they found Teal.

Unless she is locked up in a mental ward, with padded walls and supervision, I don’t see us cutting off her primary source of narcissistic food supply. In my opinion, even if Teal were locked up in a mental ward, she strikes me as the type of person who would find a way to seduce the guards, and get their key cards. My guess is that she will always have a core group of sycophantic loons/enablers to support her.

However, my goal is not to reach those people. There are also rational and influential people who are being pulled into her BS. These are people who are promoting her because she has such a large online following, and they see an opportunity for dollars and cents to be made by piggybacking off her established audience. She already has Hay House Publishing giving her book deals, and a news station giving her air time. She’s getting ready to release a full-length feature “documentary” (more like a shameless hagiography) by the beginning of next year. She is traveling all over the world, spreading lies about you.  As of right now, her group of loons is relatively insular. Therefore, if Teal incites any of her lackeys to go after you, it’s relatively easy to trace these people back to Teal in a court of law.

I’d also like to add that if I would have had access to your perspective, at the time I stumbled onto Teal’s teachings, I never would have gone near her. So it’s not as though every last one of Teal’s current and future followers are a bunch of hard-headed fools. There are plenty of people who may get hooked by her initially, but are still open to reason.

August 8, 2015: Email Exchange

DOC: It is interesting to note all the other "psychics" who are calling her out on the internet... These are the kind of people Teal's followers traditionally listen to. A war of the psychics is inevitable and could potentially solve the problem.

CAMERON: I am not sure what you are referring to here. Sarcasm can be hard to read in email text sometimes, so I’m not sure whether you’re being sarcastic, here, or earnest. I know of only one professional “psychic” who has been publicly outing Teal, so far. I do personally know her. I consider her a very rational, lucid, ethical, and intuitive person, who happens to identify herself professionally as a psychic. To me, she has always come across as genuinely concerned. She believes in “belling the cat,” so to speak. She is of the opinion that fraudsters and fabulists like Teal ruin the profession for all psychics, and she sees what Teal is doing as reckless and socially irresponsible. I happen to agree with her. She has many valid arguments and observations about Teal’s “teachings,” and their effects on people. She has meticulously compiled, referenced, and documented her concerns, in [a series of] blog posts online. She has even expressed concern for your safety, to me personally.  I would like to note that the police, FBI, military, and other world government agencies have been proven to work with and consult psychics. So, I wouldn’t say psychic abilities are a completely understood and debunked phenomena even for many skeptical, scientific minds.

For what it’s worth, I personally don’t put much stock in psychics, or their abilities, because I happen to think that everyone has at least some psychic ability. As far as I can tell-- just like any other natural skill or talent, I do think psychic ability can be more or less developed in some people than others.

DOC: That is exactly right, I teach the veterinarians who take my course how to cultivate this ability.  Psychic information comes from external sources, and we all have the ability to perceive some of this, depending upon focus. Water witching is a common form of psychic perception that most people can learn to do.

The problem with interpreting psychic information is that it can not be understood in terms of materialism. Psychic information can only be understood in terms of Quantum Physics which is about subtle energy fields. This is what I teach in my... Healing courses. "Psychics" must interpret the information they receive and typically make the mistake of assigning it materialized meanings.

For example a psychic will mistakenly assume that a herb that they perceive to be beneficial for a patient can be safely taken as a material supplement. This is absolutely not true because psychic information is only about the subtle energy of the herb and not its chemistry. Psychic evaluations of plants can not determine their material properties such whether they are chemically poisonous or not. Herbs that psychically test positive must be made into immaterial applications such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, or soundings before they are can be safely administered...

Also psychics often confuse the source of the information they perceive. Psychic information can come from the mental activities of others. A psychic who focuses primarily on the mental realm (mind reader) will perceive what someone is thinking. These mind readers will report what their client thinks about reality rather than [report what] the objective realty is. These psychics are consequently very popular with their clientele because they tell them what they already believe is so. Many animal communicators read the pet's owner rather than the animal. (we have proven this with controlled studies).

CAMERON: While it’s possible that there are legitimate psychics in the world, I did not find Teal to be any more psychic than anyone else I’ve come across. Teal may be observant; she may be adept at reading body language; she may have a knack for commenting on people’s outwardly apparent deficiencies (aka, cold reading), but I’ve seen more accurate predictions in fortune cookies. I am assuming that’s what you were getting at, when you wrote that Teal predicted that Elizabeth Smart’s body was in the Snowville dump? In any case, I’d be curious to hear more about your take on Teal’s psychic abilities (or lack thereof), if you’d care to share.

DOC: Teal is primarily a mind reader. Therefore she is able to effectively manipulate others by reading their thoughts and emotional reactions.

It is possible to locate someone like Elizabeth however the psychic reader must be far more mentally  disciplined than Teal is.

Also Teal's focus is totally narcissistic, it is all about manipulating her relationships with others. She can not focus on another person's welfare if they are not interacting directly with her and she can get something out of it.  Altruistic intent is impossible to project for a psychopath.  

August 28, 2015: Email Exchange – The Timeline

CAMERON: Teal is telling people that you took her away with you on weekends. Is this true?

DOC: She visited us one weekend in Idaho to try out the horse I had  found for her.  We visited Bosworths at the Tony Groove lake cabin one time in order to take her and that horse on a short ride outside the corral.

CAMERON: Can you recall how many trips Teal took with you?

DOC: Just those two times

CAMERON: Did you and her go alone on these trips?

DOC: No my wife accommpanied [sic] us both times.

CAMERON: I know you said that you took her with you on your rounds when she was a teenager, but can you recall how much time you actually ever spent alone with her as a child?

DOC: I would pick her up after school (3 or 4 oclock) and we would go to treat one or two horse patients with acupuncture. I would then drop her off back at home (Hyde Park) in time for dinner and drive back to Idaho; total time approximately two hours.  Those appointments is where she picked up on the idea of sensing energy fields and participated as a psychic reader in my healing protocol.  I have taught many clients to do these readings for me when I did not have a paid asistent [sic] with me.  Anyone can do them with a little coaching and encouragement.  Teal could do them naturally but needed guidence [sic] to prevent her from embelishing [sic] on the meanings of those feelings. She obviously enjoyed showing off her abilities for the clients.

CAMERON: In order to program her to the extent she claims to have been programmed, it seems you would have to have spent an extended amount of time alone with her.

DOC: The time I spent alone with her was in my practice truck/trailor on the way to and from my appointments.

CAMERON: Did Teal's parents hand her off to you often as a young child? OR did you only just have an occasional visit with the family?

DOC: I moved to Idaho when Teal was fairly young and we basically lost contact for a time.  We got back together when Gordon called and asked me to help them with Teal's horse obsession. (Find a horse and teach her to ride). Yes we got together on occasion for a visit or dinner.

**What follows are "Doc's" closing statements regarding Teal's accusations. He had some rather damning words to say about the people and established businesses that support Teal's narrative. ** 

This particular situation is a specific example of a much larger problem; that is the inability of some individuals in society to think rationally (logically). These people are believers who are not swayed by the facts. Consequently presenting them with the facts is not an effective way to influence them, after all, we are dealing with people who believe that Teal has supernatural contacts and abilities.  
It is exactly the same problem I have all the time dealing with many in the established alternative medicinal community. Experienced practitioners believe in what they are doing and do not want to look at any of the facts which seem to question their thinking. They do not refute what those facts indicate; they simply refuse to consider them. For example, they will not discuss the issue with me, read my books, or attend my classes. 
Rational thinking is deducting conclusions from substantiated facts. The facts are ultimately proven when they are supported by objective evidence (evidence truth). A rational person does not accept facts that are not supported by evidence. It is the foundation of jurisprudence.  
Logically it is impossible to disprove a stated immaterial fact. All you can say is that there is no evidence it is true. The bottom line is that there is no evidence anything Teal says is true in objective reality. However, many of her "facts" are objectively not true: never made the Olympic team, did not have modeling jobs, was not in playboy, and did not live in eastern Idaho and etc.  
The very idea that you and I must spend time and effort "disproving" fantasies is illogical and ridiculous. It would be an unending task to keep up with the narrative over time, because she continually invents new details to plug the holes in her original story. 
One fact that has been documented is that Teal graduated early from high school. How can we fit this fact into the narrative of abuse/abduction/torture during that same time frame? Maybe this proves she is superhuman?  
A question came up about why she turned on me. I think that may be because much of her stuff came from mundane old me rather than some exotic aliens. 1. She read my first book... I suspect some plagiarism but have not read [enough into her material about] it. 2. She learned to read energy fields and do healing treatments by accompanying and assisting me on farm calls after school. 3. "I miss your day long speeches, the theories and things we'd come up with together". [Teal's quote from page 3 of her letter to "Doc"] 
[Note from Cameron: Narcissists are notorious for embarking on smear campaigns to discredit and ruin the reputations of their targets. "Doc's" non-response to Teal's letters and repeated attempts to reach out to/manipulate him over the years could have triggered her vilification of him. Teal likely perceived "Doc" ignoring her as a rejection, thereby causing her a narcissistic injury. This initial narcissistic injury could have turned into what is known as narcissistic rage, which Teal has possibly been venting on "Doc" over the years.]
Why have her parents not stepped up to correct the lies is another question[?] If Teal's stories were true, the Bosworth's would be contenders for the worst parents in the world. There must be some element of guilt involved. Bobbie originally ask me to help them figure out how to deal with Teal's unacceptable behavior. I told them, after working with Teal for awhile, that she was effectively manipulating them to avoid doing mundane things like household chores or getting a job.  
I agreed with Gordon, her father, that she needed to get a paying job and that Bobby, her mother, needed to impose some house rules and strictly enforce them. BIG MISTAKE: Bobby was incensed that I was siding with Gordon and apparently putting the blame on her, this marked the end of a long relationship (years) and we have not talked since.  
It is alarming that supposedly responsible people propagate this junk without vetting the details. The news caster in Idaho, Hay House book publisher, and the movie and video producers need to be confronted about this. This could ultimately be the most effective way of dealing with this issue, because established businesses should be interested in protecting their reputations and also: they may be liable for publishing lies.
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  1. Doc says he has read Teal's bio, but at the same time he didn't know he was the one being accused. How is that possible?

    1. I have added this to the post as well:

      [UPDATE from Cameron: A number of astute readers have wondered how it could be possible that “Doc” read Teal’s online bio, without realizing that she was referring to him, when making accusations of abuse. I attempted to address the issue in an update, the text of which can be found in the following paragraph. It occurred to me after posting it, however, that I should simply ask him to further clarify the statements in question. He was kind enough to respond to this query in a follow-up exchange on Nov. 8. I have added these clarifications to his earlier statements in the exchanges below, preceded by asterisks. There is a good deal of new material from this exchange. For "Doc's" response to this particular question, though, see here.]

      [Note from Cameron: It is important to recognize that Teal doesn’t appear to have provided any clues that point directly to “Doc” in her online bio until the end of 2014. The first online bio of hers that I can find appears to have been published on her website on or around October 13, 2011. Its only reference to her alleged abuser is this: “she was inducted as a child (unbeknownst to her parents) into a local cult by a family acquaintance, where she was routinely ritualistically tortured and programmed for a period of thirteen years.” By contrast, the first version of her online bio to mention “Doc,” as well as other identifying details, appears not to have been published until November 22, 2014 (or around that time). Point being, Teal has had many bios, in many places, with numerous revisions, and it's difficult to pin down exactly which version "Doc" ran across online in recent years.]

  2. Why would Doc emphasize this part of Teal's letter - "I miss your day long speeches, the theories and things we'd come up with together" - when he states that he never spent more than a couple hours alone with her at a time?

    1. Janice, apparently you missed the part of the interview where "Doc" mentioned that he teaches healing courses (a.k.a. workshops) to other veterinarians. "Doc" was also a family friend. This means he spent time with Teal's entire family during visits. Just because Teal witnessed his "day long" seminars and conversed with him during workshops with other veterinarians, why would you assume that Teal was ALONE with "Doc" during all that?

    2. Moreover, why would you assume her statement was literal? Doc certainly doesn't.

      "This is what is difficult for many to understand. Teal's stories are not about the specific details, they are about flipping the switch of the person she is talking to."

      Even if this weren't teal, the phrase "day long speeches" could almost never be taken literally. Who gives a day long speech? It's a fanciful way of saying, you're a little long-winded and in your speechifyin,' but it's cool.

  3. So basically you just told this guy "Doc" who you don't know, where she lives now. I just finished reading this and yes he taught a class " healing" as he put it. (this style of writing or speaking is a way to communicate that he isn't -just- teaching "healing" and that's obvious.) I'm not a "Tealer", I'm one of those you mentioned that is a member of Teal tribe but not a "follower" and you've probably seen some of my posts or comments. I most assuredly don't agree with everything Teal teaches or says. With that said, I have noted some extremely awkward answers by this guy. First time ever he hears of her accusing him of all this and he's not -hurt-? and the first question he asked about the -whole- series of events leading up to her "escape" wasn't refuting any of it. It was verifying she said she left in a car? I don't like this guy, I don't trust him, you should be careful dealing with him, his demeanor and how he changed to "anti-Teal" is warrant of suspicion and wow! Just RE-read the interview if you haven't and keep an open mind that he -may- be lying. I'm not saying Teal isn't and that she's a cupcake saint of all the abused. But I'm a bit of an empath and this guy does -not- "feel" right. Exactly the same I've felt watching some of Teal's videos. Something is off about him. Do -not- agree to meet up with this guy anywhere.

    1. "So basically you just told this guy 'Doc' who you don't know, where she lives now."

      Cameron didn't tell Doc where teal's living now. TEAL did. She told him all about living in Park City in her letter. She's also makes no secret of her current whereabouts. It's an interesting point, though, isn't it. She claims she was so scared that she broke the law by putting a false address on her Driver's License, but it's all over her blog that she lives in Park City. So, how scared is she of Doc that she would make her whereabouts known to anyone who can read?

      "First time ever he hears of her accusing him of all this and he's not -hurt-? and the first question he asked about the -whole- series of events leading up to her 'escape' wasn't refuting any of it. It was verifying she said she left in a car?"

      He said nothing of the kind. What he said was that she didn't own a car in the entire time he knew her and the only time she ever left in a car was when she was the couple of times she was driven to and from his house by boyfriends. And, why would he be hurt? That would assume he had some emotional investment in a friendship with her. It's pretty clear from everything he's said here that this is not the case. He's been explicit about the fact that his impression of her, from his dealings with her years ago, is that she's a fabulist who makes up one fantastical story after another. Mostly, he just seems not terribly surprised that she's made up another, though not thrilled that he's featured in it. At no point to did he "change" to "anti-teal." He was never her fan, just a family friend asked to intervene when she was an out-of-control teenager.

    2. Yeah I noticed that after the fact about the home. I had already submitted it and had no way to edit it. At least of which that I was aware. I appreciate your response but yeah I can't help how someone feels to me. I can't prove it. The comment below goes into more detail. I'll just conclude here so as to not be redundant. Thanks again.

  4. This guy is not your -average- veterinarian. He mentions acupuncture as well. He also mentions "water witching" this term is "old school". I -am- a witch a practicing one and this is not common knowledge most use the modern term dowsing. Quantum physics?! a Vet?! I actually see myself as a Mage/Witch, I've also studied Hermetics and Qabalah. I've studied both going on now 30+ years. In so doing I've came to a commonly accepted statement that magick is simply the science of the future, so I've done some study in quantum physics as well. I also at one time was drawn in by "demonic/devilish" channeling, whether it was "real" or not I can't say but I can't refute what I witnessed first hand either. As a witch I've dabbled in herbalism too... for healing. But note this; DOC "Psychic evaluations of plants can not determine their material properties such whether they are chemically poisonous or not. Herbs that psychically test positive must be made into immaterial applications such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, or soundings before they are can be safely administered..." again with the dot dot dot. So he knows poisons as well as how to use herbs for healing. Poisons can incidentally be used to "drug" someone.

    DOC: "That is exactly right, I teach the veterinarians who take my course how to cultivate this ability. Psychic information comes from external sources, and we all have the ability to perceive some of this, depending upon focus. Water witching is a common form of psychic perception that most people can learn to do.

    The problem with interpreting psychic information is that it can not be understood in terms of materialism. Psychic information can only be understood in terms of Quantum Physics which is about subtle energy fields. This is what I teach in my... Healing courses. "Psychics" must interpret the information they receive and typically make the mistake of assigning it materialized meanings.

    For example a psychic will mistakenly assume that a herb that they perceive to be beneficial for a patient can be safely taken as a material supplement. This is absolutely not true because psychic information is only about the subtle energy of the herb and not its chemistry. Psychic evaluations of plants can not determine their material properties such whether they are chemically poisonous or not. Herbs that psychically test positive must be made into immaterial applications such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, or soundings before they are can be safely administered...

    Also psychics often confuse the source of the information they perceive. Psychic information can come from the mental activities of others. A psychic who focuses primarily on the mental realm (mind reader) will perceive what someone is thinking. These mind readers will report what their client thinks about reality rather than [report what] the objective realty is. These psychics are consequently very popular with their clientele because they tell them what they already believe is so. Many animal communicators read the pet's owner rather than the animal. (we have proven this with controlled studies)."

    As I said in my last post I can't -stress- enough to watch out for this guy. Teal -may- be a manipulative narcissist. This guy is no saint though and he's -extremely- intelligent.

    Cameron you seem like a really smart woman, I originally was reading this to check up on this stuff I've heard about Teal. I'm still "on the fence" about it myself. I am inclined to wonder how long this treatment in the house has taken place and if it's recent or not and if their is possibly another "player" in this manipulating Teal. I like to look at all the options. One of course being that Teal is what you say she is. But WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY! Merry Part and Namaste' Journey Well.

    1. I really appreciate your concern for Cameron, but you seem, here, to be putting Doc on trial for knowing some things about alternative medicine. This seems like a very odd criticism, especially when you seem to have similar interests yourself. I don't think teal has ever made a secret of the fact that Doc knew a great deal on these topics, obliquely having made him out to be her mentor. That she's also depicted him as an evil genius for it doesn't mean we all need to do the same.

      "'Herbs that psychically test positive must be made into immaterial applications such as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, or soundings before they are can be safely administered...' again with the dot dot dot. So he knows poisons as well as how to use herbs for healing. Poisons can incidentally be used to 'drug' someone."

      Really? What herbs can be used to "drug" people?! I think his point, and I say this as a certified armatherapist, is that some herbs can have toxic properties and contra-indications that one needs to know about before administering them.

  5. I appreciate as well your input and expertise. There are a lot of herbs that can be used to "drug" people. Two that come to mind right of hand are Datura(Jimson Weed), of course Belladonna is another one. I'm not saying what he knows is dangerous and yes, I have similar interests as well. I just noted how he phrased some things as well as seemed, indifferent when some heavy accusations were coming from someone that he at the beginning of the call he "cared for" and was under the impression that she loved him. I wish it was just the apothecary knowledge he has but there is a combination of things. As well I wish I could put my finger on it but the evidence of my "feelings" is just that nothing I can communicate. I could cite different areas in which he contradicts himself but that can be argued as well.

    I've since had the change to watch at least part one of the interview with Jessica and Cameron and yeah not really liking what I'm hearing and sorry you had to go through that Cameron. Sound's she's a really manipulative and vindictive person. I'd be like you Cameron and say hey...if you got issues washing dishes that's something you'd tell anyone else they need to work through. Sooo bust the suds. lol I get that in the current situation in the house you were in that wasn't an option but heh yeah. She needs to deal with he own issues in certain areas before telling others how to deal with their own. I stand by what I said though. I don't like this guy and it has nothing to do with what Teal said or didn't say about him. Re-read the interview from a less, collaborative witness and more-so from a interrogative and investigative perception and view point. I really do hope I'm wrong but I go with my feelings when they steer me towards discrepancies in someones demeanor or wording.

    1. Hi Tony,

      I suppose you could try to drug people with belladonna or jimson weed, and I know people have used them for their hallucinogenic properties, but the risk of poisoning yourself in the process is a risk most sane people don't want to take. Of course, teal hasn't claimed he drugged her with poisonous herbs, but with veterinary drugs, mostly ketamine. She's also claimed, for some strange reason, that veterinarians have easy access to peyote, which tells you a little something about how well-tethered to reality her claims are. Of course, now that we've discussed it, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't add belladonna and jimson weed to her litany.

      I don't see where he said he "cared for" teal and the assertion that she "loved" him had to do with the letters she sent him, letters to which he says he did not respond. He doesn't actually seem very impressed with her declarations, nor with the nudie pics she sent him. When I read these conversations, what I get is a family friend whose help was requested because she was so erratic, but one saw quite plainly that she was extremely manipulative and needed to reined in by her parents.

      I agree that there's some unclarity about some things in the interview, but he also says from the outset that he has a hearing problem and has some difficulty with telephonic communication. We also don't actually hear his voice or see his eyes, for very good reasons, which makes getting a bead harder, I think. For myself, at least. Those are my barometers. That's why it took me a little longer to get the heebie-jeebies from teal's blogs. A half a minute into one of her videos, and my instincts went crazy.

      Thanks for the reply, Tony. Nice chatting with you.

    2. I think its a possibility he may have been sexual with her, not entirely without her consent, but he does seem to be guarded at first in the beginning, and then when he sees the direction the interview is going, he opens up and shares all this stuff. I don't believe that he did any of the abuse she is talking about though.

  6. Am I the only one who is wondering why Teals ex husband Sardeep gave the TV reporter Docs name? Could it be possible that he started to question if her story was true and hoped they would do a thorough investigation into this?

  7. Has anyone informed Hay House? I feel she should be stopped in her tracks asap!I always got a really strange vibe from her and have never felt inclined to watch her videos. Before finding this info, I watched about 3 minutes of her and instantly felt repelled. So I googled her and found this! She is a sociopath for sure.Dangerous!

  8. So, a person claiming superpowers ends up being a wck job.

    Is normql. Typical superpower story.

  9. I found this new story from 1999 (Utah State University) that corroborates Doc's story about how they only lived in the cabin for three months out of the year and the rest of the year is spent in a regular house and that her parents are school teachers. It a tid- bit but it does give Doc some legitimacy. I believe him. Teal... not so much...

    1. Yes- this is true. I know her parents and have since even before Teal moved to Park City. They are philanthropists and have a deep love for nature, and there is no doubt that they are heartbroken over their daughter after spending years saving the many troubled kids that have crossed their paths but not being able to save their daughter from such a terrible mental illness.

  10. Being a "guru" is a competitive business. And, if you want to really stand out, you better have a compelling "back story" I have personally known some of these gurus (not Teal) who have embellished stories to suck people in to the good old..."I came out if it, you can too" cure. I'm not saying that all gurus are lying, I'm just saying its extremely competitive. YouTube alone has thousands of self-made gurus trying to make their mark. So, que the pretty face with a horrendous story, and BAM you have guru gold! Now for the problems I have with Teal. I have a legal background as a legal researcher and investigator. I dig between the lines. And when I did, the holes I always found are in the timelines. If the timelines don't mesh, the story falls apart. She was in the cult from the age of 5 until 19... all the while, she was a world traveling model, an Olympic skier (which means years of training) A speed skater, and I think there are other things..all the while being subjected to child killings, torture, shock treatments etc. She was one busy kid! I am a new-ager myself. I believe in the stuff she teaches on her channel. I believe we are spiritual creatures having a human experience. However, none of her videos is new information, she just has that back-story to make you really delve into those soulful eyes of hers and go WOW! So far, I haven't seen her actually "do" anything on her youtube channel, like make a spoon bend etc. She does say she has the power of telekinesis. Show me the money! There is a movie about her coming out in the fall. I actually can't wait to see it because her parents (if in fact they are her real parents) are interviewed. However, in the trailer, all you hear her "mom" say is that mental illness is a terrible thing and that all doctors want to do is give you a pill. Now my curiosity is... Is the "Mom" talking about the mental illness of her daughter? Its all how the film makers edit! I just read an article in Rolling Stone about Wayne Simmons. He claimed to have worked for the CIA for years in the Pentagon no less, and Fox news put him on the air continuously as an EXPERT on national security and counter terrorism matters. He got speaking engagements, and a book deal! All the while he was an absolute FRAUD with no credentials what-so-ever. Google it. People allege all sorts of things for fame and money. Even if Teal's story is fake, I just hope people are getting something GOOD out her "not so revolutionary and re-hashed" teachings.

  11. HI Cameron, I know that you found Sarb's blog. You must be over the moon. I am over the moon for you! Is there any better validation than this?

  12. i just stumbled across the whole teal swan debate. when watching her videos she seems very detached to me, almost vacant, and i initially thought it might be to do with her possibly having transcended her ego. but something about her didn't feel quite right to me, which led me to do google searches about her. there is no real passion in her voice and demeanor, she sounds scripted. i also get an obsession with her looks emanating from her. which opposes the transcending ego possibility. what i also find peculiar is the modelling bit. when being raped, tortured and being forced to take part in killings etc. you sure wouldn't look the part (suffering does have a tendency to show up in your face etc.), let alone feeling the part to smile in the shallow model world of worshipping looks. it just doesn't add up. having known sociopaths as well as compulsive liars i know they can have a great attraction/charme attached to them. teal swan may fall into this category. she speaks about authenticity but at the same time is inventing this alter ego of the abused victim. which by the way sounds a lot like eckhart tolle's (the teachings, not her story) but that is just my personal observation, having studied his teachings in detail. the vocabulary and phrases she uses tell me this, it doesn't sound original (experienced by herself) but read up on and learned. (every 'guru' or teacher uses their own specific vocabulary.) so unless she is a very clever and manipulating business woman, teal swan might well believe in her own lies, which for her are then truths. in which case her movement called 'emerge' (stop pretenting and be authentic) might well be a wake-up call by her own psyche/higher self to herself to stop telling stories regarding her background (to add weight to her teachings - which are supposedly more believable if she had indeed transcended such a suffering) and just be herself. the subconscious really is a wondrous question i would ask 'doc' though: why doesn't he file a suit against her (defamation) to have this matter out in the open and resolved once and for all? then it could be proven that e.g. the letter is indeed hers (handwriting tests) and that the whole story is fabricated, since no victim would send her former tormentor a letter saying she misses and loves him. not only would that protect the 'doc' from any potential harm from one of her followers but also put a stop to her influence, if indeed she suggests to people they should go ahead and kill themselves, as she allegedly has.

  13. Great work guys. One of you should contact the Utah Attorney General's Office since Teal has been passing herself off as a psychological therapist for which she has no credentials. I understand she has little formal education beyond high school. I believe she promoted a completed suicide with at least one client, possibly more. I have a clearer understanding of who she is after reading your article. She really needs to be stopped. I think she's very disturbed and a total con-artist as well. I can't believe Hay House who publishes Dr. Wayne Dyer didn't do a complete vetting of Teal. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  14. I am in total Awwwwwwww! Can't believe Hay House would even go for this. Is it just about the $$$$$$$$$. We all need to be careful of false people!

  15. This is such an interesting topic. I like many, was drawn to her in times of confusion and actually recommended her videos by an acquaintance.
    Having had my own mind and followed my own beliefs spiritually I must admit that it was interesting to note that some of the things she said in her videos actually clicked with me. Now this is where I think it gets blurry, I genuinely think that she does have some useful and interesting perspectives, yet at the same time I have found it hard to ignore the fact that the majority of her videos teach self serving with mostly little regard for others. But if I'm honest, the thing that has always disturbed me the most when viewing her is that smug, knowing laugh and snigger, it betrays her. As though she knows something you don't, there is something disingenuous about it, even when interacting with her now ex husband.
    All that aside, let us think about this situation logically for a moment. This is a woman who claims to have been forced to have sex with corpses, nay spent time in one, watched ritual child sacrifice and was repeatedly raped and abused repeatedly. Now, I believe there is no doubting that she has suffered on some level psychologically and emotionally...... BUT, if you can imagine what that kind of horror would do to a child and then teens mind and now look at the way she conducts herself today, surely this does not match up??? To be forced into the situations she claims she was would surely cause such scarring and inability to even function in the world let alone around males and seduce them to this extent, or is that just me thinking that? The trauma of sleeping with corpses and getting inside of them, that alone would leave you with years of in depth psychological work to do. Yet she seems fine, for someone who has experienced these things. it just does not add up. I myself have experienced abuse no where near that extent and it took me 10 years to even be able to begin to handle my life. You're telling me that after everything she claims she has been able to not only live relatively normally but also model, ski and become a spiritual guru but also heal herself to such an extent that she is able to go on stage and announce about it? No. The logic does not work out here. And it's a pity, because there are so many beautiful lost souls that look to someone to give them all the answers and she is doing just that. Fine if she were honest, but I think it's safe to say she is not. Everyone has something to teach us.... but one person cannot and should not teach you everything!

    1. I was wondering exactly the same. I went through a sexually abusive situation for a yr and a half, and it destroyed my health for 15 yrs. I don't believe its possible to recover as quickly as she did from what she describes. I do believe it is possible, she has gotten herself into sexually troubling situations possibly as a young teenager, because of her extremely outgoing, and exhibitionist behavior, and now pulls that off as having been abuse. Those eyes she has, and the stone look on her face is definitely a coverup for lying. I know because I've used it plenty to cover up the pain I've felt. As Doc says, she seems to be suffering from lack of parental discipline, which is truly lack of parental love. She is actually craving for someone to call her out, and force her to stop, but in a loving way.

  16. Doc is wrong about not thinking the unveiling of her lies will do any good. I for one, loosely followed her videos about a year ago. All of her words were like a balm on my soul because she basically validates every human thought or desire. You don't have to change at all! You are great the way you are, stop "resisting"!

    Concurrently, I started researching psychopathy after encountering a psychopath in my daily life. Turns out they aren't all Hannibal Lector. Most of them are leaches on society that tell fanciful stories to make you feel sorry for them... like Teal. This raised a red flag for me. I read a few of her blogs after watching the videos and all of her claims seemed way to far out. She also seemed to love the drama and all of the overly embellished details and wording were uncomfortably reminiscent of the psychopath I knew. They are great at writing when it suits them but when they loose interest in trying to sell you some idea, they become the worst at written communication. It's the strangest thing. They no longer know how to spell, can't string together a coherent thought and can no longer be bothered with trying to reel you in with words.

    Doc's words, along with LaVaugn's and Cameron's, actually validated all of my suspicions of T. I had already stopped watching the videos. I don't want her to earn income or be encouraged to continue on YouTube. Yet, she now has more subscribers than ever... I wouldn't doubt that the majority are like me, just tuned in because they liked the messages then get weirded out and search online to see if anyone else was too (that's how I found this page and others). Things like this truly do help. After learning of psychopathy and how insidious it is, how these people just tend to be more of your daily loser type (not putting in any hard work & mooching off others, as Doc mentioned) I think more awareness is needed. That way people don't write off early warning signs or red flags before they get sucked in losing anything from their sanity, their money to their life.

  17. I HONESTLY would not have believed this if I did not stumble into Sarb's blog post about Teal. I used to think that Cameron and Jessica Schab just wanted to destroy Teal's reputation, but I guess Teal is the one responsible for that. I was really devastated when I found out the truth about her because I was a blind follower before. Even Gigi Young and Christina Martine thinks that she's a narcissist but were just too polite to mention Teal in their videos. When I read Andreas Moritz's books last year, I had suspicions about Teal because it's like her health videos were copy-pasted from Moritz's material. And now I'm completely watching her new videos with a filter. I can never look at her the same way again.

  18. I consider myself a long-time friend of Teal and her family’s, and have known her during the time in her life that she claims to have been held captive from the satanic cult/Blood Convenient. I do not wish to reveal my identity, not only for my own safety, but also for Teal's. With that in mind, I would like to provide some clarity for those of you who have found yourselves lost after coming into contact with her. Please understand, however, that I love and care for her (by choice)- despite her shortcomings- and this is not because I am under some spell of hers. So please consider this as you read further:
    What you are all not getting is that you're dealing with a literal psychopath. Nothing you have gone through or are currently dealing with is real. It is all fabricated to support her parasitic lifestyle.
    Psychopaths lack feelings of remorse and guilt, so your attempts to expose Teal are just seen as exciting challenges to her otherwise board brain. You cannot reason with a psychopath, or fix them- they simply look at the world as a game of chess, and you are just a pawn. They lack the ability to see anything but how they will benefit from their actions and feel they deserve everything they take from others.
    On a brain scan, you can actually see the difference between the brain patterns of a psychopath and a normal person, so make no mistake- this is a real condition they are born with that makes them very different from the average person, and it has nothing to do with genetics or upbringing. The only way to deal with them is to accept them for who they are and set clear and STRICT boundaries (likely why Teal was able to connect with "Doc" so well), or to just walk away and never look back. For most, the safest option is the latter.
    The good thing is the severity of the condition varies in nature and there are ways to keep it under control- similar to bad cholesterol or arthritis. Not all psychopaths are bad or end up being serial killers, and though they lack a conscience, they still can feel emotion, and if forced, perhaps even empathy (though empathy is typically only used to help them understand their victim's weak spots better).

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope that you and Teal's family / loved ones will be safe from her. I, too, believe this all started as a lie that spiraled out of control. I am not surprised if the truth is that she is not in control of her own life.

  19. Since most people would run the other way upon knowing of being in the presence of a psychopath, one can spiral out of control and become dangerous. This is because they end up with no real support system that can, not only accept and understand them, but know how to handle their behavior.
    Teal has distanced herself from everyone who has ever loved or cared about her- probably because she has felt a lack of freedom to be her true authentic self. I imagine she was hurt when "Doc" eventually stopped responding to her attempts to contact him because he was the only one she felt really understood her. Maybe this is why she targeted him, or maybe so wasn't targeting him at all and he was just a pawn in her game of chess. I'm sure it started as a small, convenient lie to get others to feel bad for her so they would support her lifestyle and she could continue to live the life where she didn't have to work (I have never known her to have a job in her life, btw), and it only became more specific when pressured to fill the gaps in her story. She probably meant him no harm, yet at the same time, it is the very nature of a psychopath to not care if/when others in their path get hurt. "Doc" seems used to this, which is likely why he doesn't seem surprised by much of it.
    Again- what you are doing is not helping- rather, it is making it worse. You cannot stop her by outing HER. You must be more creative. And if you can't, then you should just walk away and never look back. If you want to know more on the subject and how to protect yourself, read the book "Snakes in Suits" by Paul Babiak, Ph.D. & Robert D Hare Ph.D. The free PDF of the book can be found here:
    @Cameron: If you wish to contact me, I have created the email for this purpose only

    1. Hello there,

      First off, thank you for reaching out. I must say I got a kick out of your user name. Cleopatra Philapato is very fitting! :) I hope this finds you well, and I apologize for the time lapse in the discussion. Keeping up with the insanity surrounding Teal could easily turn into someone’s full time job. Fortunately, I already have a full time job, and reasoning with Teal’s staunchest supporters isn’t my idea of a career choice. I am not interested in saving people or destroying Teal. I can only do so much, but I still choose to do what I am able to. I choose to post this information out of basic human decency. I believe people deserve to have access to the information, and what they choose to do with it is up to them. It’s futile to attempt to chase down every person who chooses to swim in shark infested waters; in my book, it’s not a waste of time to post warning signs along the beaches.

      I appreciate your insights very much, and I am sure others who read your comments in the future will too. The self-contradictions in your posts betray conflicting desires to protect your friends, while warning others about Teal. I do believe you when you say you are a friend of Teal’s family (choosing to love Teal by proxy), and I can speak from experience when I say that Boz, Bobbie, and Sky are all lovely people. For what it’s worth, I truly enjoyed the time I spent around them in Boulder, Utah. Believe it or not, my heart breaks for them knowing what Teal has surely put them through over the years. As I have mentioned before in public statements, I have no doubt that they did the best they could with what they had in raising Teal. I for one, would have loved to have had such an idyllic childhood, with such loving and supportive parents and brother. It’s was clear to me right off that Teal’s family members didn’t deserve to be repeatedly, publicly dragged through the mud by Teal the way she has done. I can also appreciate that they must be somewhat relieved that dealing with Teal’s day-to-day shenanigans is no longer their problem. That must surely seem to them like a victory in itself.

    2. They probably see this life she has built, with a supportive group of sycophantic enablers, as an improvement to the alternative of her spinning out of control, destroying their peace, and being her financial and emotional “slaves” for the rest of their lives. I can respect that for them, leaving Teal to her own devices in an unsuspecting public is a matter of self-preservation. However, I agree with LaVaughn, that they should not appear to be publicly supporting/endorsing her in things like her documentary, if that is truly the case. Even if they are upset at Doc for something he said to them years ago, does he really deserve to be set upon by Teal’s followers over fictitious accusations? If Teal’s parents know she is lying about any of the details of what went on in her childhood, then I think refusing to go on camera at all, is better than going on camera and refusing to set the record straight. It gives the appearance that they are complicitly supporting Teal’s narrative, which puts Doc at risk.

      That said, I have spoken at length with a former mental health professional with multiple degrees in psychology. He also happened to be on the call as my co-interviewer during the interview with Doc. Due to legal reasons, he is unable to publicly release his diagnoses of Teal in the state which he currently lives. However, he did privately diagnose her after observing her work, self-reported diagnoses, blogs, videos, books, workshops, and my and Doc’s testimonials at length. He diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder (combination of schizophrenia and major mood disorder) in combination with antisocial personality disorder (a.k.a. psychopathy/sociopathy).

      It seems very possible that Teal was born with some brain abnormality, considering her statements about her parents always finding her to be a difficult child. It must have been extremely difficult for Teal’s parents to navigate with the delusional fantasies, anxiety, pathological lying, manipulativeness, and attention seeking behavior Teal exhibited from a young age. The former mental health professional I mentioned, concluded she also suffers from Cluster B personality disorders like narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Yes, these disorders can and do co-occur. In Teal’s case, it sounds like a perfect storm of virtually untreatable fixed personality disorders. These conditions explain things like her self-harm and pseudoseizures to garner sympathy and manipulate people over the years. While trauma is often linked as a cause to developing these disorders, they don’t NECESSITATE extreme trauma like satanic ritual abuse to develop. Individuals handle trauma in vastly different ways. Trauma is always relative, and it could have been normal childhood trauma (like mommy insisting she get her own juice as a toddler), in tandem with genetic predisposition that led to development of Teal’s personality disorders.

      For what it’s worth, I think Teal behaved herself better around Doc vs. her parents in her teens, partly because he satisfied her narcissistic need to associate with high status people. He fed her need to feel special and escape the mundane routine life her parents led in her eyes. Her parents were school teachers, so Teal probably perceived Doc as prestigious in her younger years, due to him being an author, and her family's perception of him. The fact that Doc took her with him on his veterinarian rounds occasionally, teaching her healing techniques, and paying her any attention at all just served to fuel her narcissism. To me, this explains why she was keen to show him off to her boyfriends and such over the later years.

    3. Teal was treated by the therapist Barbara Snow in Utah for over five years. Barbara had an agenda to prove the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She was caught repeatedly implanting false memories of military testing/abductions and satanic ritual abuse in her patients. Through therapy, Barbara likely manipulated Teal to suit her agenda as much as Teal manipulated Barbara into feeding Teal the information needed to fabricate the details and stories that make up Teal’s ritual abuse backstory. After witnessing Teal’s calculated behavior, and personally witnessing Teal researching cults online, I have no doubt that she and Blake have plotted out her career path at length. I strongly disagree with you that she just fell into this line of work spinning off a few tall tales. I think this is part of her plan to achieve money, fame, and power. I think she admires people like Hitler, Jim Jones, and L. Ron Hubbard (founder of scientology). Notice she has even set up a non-profit foundation much akin to how Hubbard set up his non-profit church status to take advantage of tax loopholes. She mirrors her idols a little too much for her current situation to have just been a happy accident.

      In any case, thank you again for sharing your perspective here. Warm regards to you and Teal’s family.

  20. I would also like to ask the question: Have any of you seen her aura? If you can see auras, her authenticity will be revealed all around her for you.
    P.S. The Buddha said psychopaths are incapable of becoming enlightened- they are simply born without the part of themselves that makes this possible. My heart breaks for her parents who are truly some of the most compassionate and understanding people I have ever met.

    1. Cleopatra,

      When you say that teal is a psychopath, do you mean that she has been diagnosed as a psychopath, by psych professional, or is that just your opinion? Are you saying that her brain has been scanned and been found to have abnormalities associated with psychopathy? For the record, I have read Snakes in Suits. I’ve also read Without Conscience, a much better book by Robert Hare. I’ve also read a number of articles by and about Hare’s research into psychopathy.

      As far as her aura goes, a number of practicing shamans have commented on this, some publicly, others privately. Many people see something very dark operating through her and find her energy field creepy as hell.

      As far as walking away goes, I could not disagree more. I know full well that teal is unreachable and unchangeable. My concern, in everything I have written or posted about her, is nothing to do with reaching teal. It’s for the people whose lives may be affected by her. Someone has to bell the cat.

      And, people whose lives have already been damaged by her have used my blog as a place to commiserate and heal from that damage. So, I’m sorry, but shutting up is not an option. Not for me. (I won’t speak for Cameron.)

      I also feel very badly for her parents, and I can appreciate that this is all very challenging for them. But, if they know she poses a threat to others, they are doing the world a disservice by protecting and enabling her. That’s not what you do if you have a psychopath or any other type of malignant personality in your family or social circle. You do what you can to try to protect people from them. So, if you’re right, and they know full well that she’s a psychopath (or any other malignant, cluster b disorder), and they’re protecting her image by not speaking out – or worse, with their supportive appearance in her documentary – they are falling down on the job. And, the havoc this woman is creating in many, many lives is their responsibility.

      When you have a predator in your midst, you don’t say silent. As this blogger wrote regarding Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Breendoggle, “silence is complicity.” If you have a broken or a missing step, that’s not information you relegate to the whisper network, lest the uninformed trip down the staircase and break their necks.

    2. @LaVaughn As far as I know, she has never been diagnosed- this is just my observation- sorry for not being clear about that before. I don't believe her parents would take the observation as anything less than offensive (based on how they responded to Doc), but that’s a normal response for any parent.
      More importantly, I don't think Teal's parents see her as a threat because they probably have no idea the extent of it all. What Teal is today isn’t what she was when she still lived with them. As I said before, I don't think it was some big elaborate plan of Teal’s to create a following and make up some crazy fictitious story- I think it just spiraled into that, starting from telling one small lie that made someone want to support her financially. In order to continue getting them to support her, the lie had to keep growing, and what it is today is only a result of that process. Her parents are not trying to protect her- if anything, they’ve asked her to stop. But as you can see, they are part of her elaborate, horrendous story, and she uses them to support her tale that she was neglected and her theory that parents in general are bad. To me, her parents not submitting to her demands to support her and be her life-long slaves is really what this whole façade is all about.
      As I said before, if you want to save people from her, you’re going about it all wrong. Yes- if you have a broken step, you don’t just keep that information on the DL- but what’s more effective- standing there all day to tell every passerby, or fixing the step?
      I can’t say exactly what you should do, but you’re going to have to get a lot more creative than just posting a bunch of blogs trying to debunk her. For one thing, you’re trying to debunk someone who is seen as being helpful and who only preaches the same theories that others who are respected in the field also preach. What’s the harm in that? Second, it is so passive and full of more emotion than fact, that it allows others (specifically, Teal/Blake with shell profiles) to poke their own holes in what is then seen as antagonistic.
      The interview with Doc is a good start, but there are flaws even in that, which completely discredit the interview as a whole, and instead of being valuable, it’s a spectacle that’s purely entertaining to watch unfold.
      Even if the blog posts are somewhat helpful to begin with, their value is diminished the minute anyone starts insulting Teal’s physical attributes because that’s what bullies do. It’s really difficult to give someone any credit when they’re taunting the very person you support. If anything, you’re regarded as more of a disgruntled worker, and future efforts to warn will require even more convincing.
      This debate about Teal being a fraud is just ridiculous. If Teal is really the threat that you say she is, then writing blog posts about it is, at best, just you riding her coattail.
      More seriously, if she is in fact a true psychopath and/or has a dark aura as they say, then you’re endangering your own life. Psychopaths will do whatever is necessary to stop you, make you look like the crazy person, and make themselves look like the hero in the end. They are so good at this because they actually think they are in the right and you are in the wrong. South Park demonstrates this perfectly in their “Fishsticks” episode, when Cartman steels credit for Jimmy’s joke.
      If you really want to provide a support system for people who have come in contact with Teal and you don’t want to go the legal route, you should at least be hosting a forum for people to share their experiences when dealing with cults and fraudulent spiritual leaders in general, and skip blogging all together.

    3. So, you think life, for teal is a game of chess (something she has said, btw) but you think her gathering a mass following based on her fabulistic tales was a fluke? I doubt that. But, however it happened, she’s hooked on the attention now, and I fear this will all end very badly for many people.

      It sounds to me like you’re scared of teal and feel just powerless enough, about the whole situation, to leave information about her in public comments. I’m in choice to do a little more than that.

      You don’t know what I (we) “should” do but you know what we’re doing is all wrong. You’re entitled to your opinion, but my email folder says otherwise. May not be as effective as your vague imaginings about what should be done would have it, but I sleep better knowing that I’ve at least done something.

      Peace to you.

    4. "The interview with Doc is a good start, but there are flaws even in that, which completely discredit the interview as a whole, and instead of being valuable, it’s a spectacle that’s purely entertaining to watch unfold.

      What exactly are those flaws in Doc's interview that completely discredit the interview as a whole?
      Im curious to know as I don't immediately see them..

  21. Here is the thing, often times there is a certain shame within the family when there is let's say a mentally unstable person in the family. Most often the families prefer not to talk about it. As it becomes embarrassing and also painful. No one wants to have an ill child or family member. Outsiders can remember that this person is loved,but at the same time, there is a certain responsibility to have others become aware that this family member could be a safety threat to others. You see,it is not always only about the mentally ill person or even the psycho path,but more importantly about the victims. Bottom line is that Teal Swan is a clever con artist who preys on the wounded,hurt and unstable people. She herself is not a licensed professional, yet she offers services as if so. I am someone who applauds LaVaughn and Cameron for speaking up. People do need to be made aware of what they could potentially get themselves into. It's not about Teal. It's about her being a psycho who cons people. Not everyone can see that or even wants to, because we would love to just see the good in everyone. Truth is that not everyone has true care for others. This is a reason why some people do speak up against someone like Teal.

  22. Utterly fascinating in so many ways. I very much appreciate those who are not only speaking out, but doing so with thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and honor. But I simply wanted to comment here that the fact that Hay House published her book without, presumably, vetting her story. Totally outrageous! That isn't just about money, that's about them not knowing Teal from a rock. It sounds like a simple visit to her home and some in depth, frank conversations would have sent up red flags.

    I think this entire drama and farce is dangerous and disgusting, but it's also very enlightening (if I may use that word). The times we live in now are intense and dramatic and extreme, thus the lessons are presented to us in the same way. Teal may end up being a soul who teaches us great lessons, but not in the way her egoic self imagines! I predict her downfall will be swift, and the lessons wide ranging.

    Thanks again to ALL of those who are working to make sense of all this. Teal, a dear soul like the rest of us, is clearly playing a very dark role in the lifetime. From her broadest soul's perspective, this could be a gift of learning for us all. But let's learn the lessons and get the truth out soon and get on with it. And I don't think anyone is beyond healing, and Teal deserves to be freed from her suffering. She may not heal in this lifetime, but outing her may allow many others to heal.

    Honorable spiritual teachers exist. Teal, or whoever or whatever is influencing her from non physical realms, have an agenda to obscure and confuse and distort and block truly helpful spiritual knowledge from being absorbed by humanity. Her intelligence and magnetism and her ability to grasp spiritual knowledge and articulate it without actually applying any WORK on her part to herself is, to me, a sign that she is a powerful soul. I guess I am saying that my heart says she should be outed and the truth revealed in order to help others find freedom. This Dan be done from a place of love for Teal herself, and her soul at large.

    For those looking for high-grade spiritual knowledge that is also very down to earth and actually works, I recommend Byron Katie. Just my two cents.

  23. A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practising quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.

    In Greek mythology Medusa (/məˈdjuːzə, məˈdʒuː-, -sə/, US /məˈduː-/; Μέδουσα "guardian, protectress")[1] was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female with a hideous face and living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazers on her face would turn to stone. Most sources describe her as the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto,[2] though the author Hyginus (Fabulae Preface) makes Medusa the daughter of Gorgon and Ceto.[3] According to Hesiod and Aeschylus, she lived and died on an island named Sarpedon, somewhere near Cisthene. The 2nd-century BCE novelist Dionysios Skytobrachion puts her somewhere in Libya, where Herodotus had said the Berbers originated her myth, as part of their religion.

    Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon[4] until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.

  24. DOC: It was just like a game that she played, and then she would say something, and her mother would kind of have this reaction, and then she'd turn to me and smile—like, “look what I did.”

    CAMERON: [laughs] I know exactly what that looks like.

    And we can all know how that looks like by watching this interview "Sound Healing Podcast with Teal Swan and Stewart Pearce" she did together with her then husband Sarbdeep from which they cut out his image since the divorce.

    You can still hear him talk in certain segments, whereas in the original upload he was shown on camera.

    Specifically in a segment where Sarbdeep talks, she humiliates him in that sneaky manner: at 14:42
    First off they laugh when he's asking a question. I remember from the original upload seeing him all nervous and taken aback when they laughed at him for merely asking a sincere question.

    16:42-16:48 when he starts talking about his trauma, you can see Teal smirking and making eye contact with others in the room (probably her "container friends" as she likes to refer to them), seeking their attention.

    Still the video at 16:44: the grin on her face! Remember this was her husband at the time. Yet she is hailed as an angel?

    18:55 She does it again, needing attention from others whilst Sarb is speaking about his personal issues she has that smirk on her face, showing how they think it's ok to ridicule him behind his back or rather in front of him. Quite insensitive for a supposed enlightened person if you ask me.

    19:17 she needs to throw in another dagger: 'yeah we all know who that is' patronizingly forcing him to tell the world who caused his trauma. Stewart, her new buddy of course follows Teal in her behavior and laughs at poor Sarb, yet he simply continues with sharing his story but it's not enough for Teal: "Do you like to share who that is?" with that smirk on her face, knowing damn well he feels uncomfortable about it, but hey Teal needs her narcissistic supply and she's going to get it right now! When he can't avoid the pressuring question anymore, he replies 'my father'. Then she continues to patronize him by lecturing him how important it is to say that. Stewart once again, totally vibing with his co-angel, shows off an equally patronizing smile. I suppose these "spiritual masters" feel satisfied now because they just helped the poor child (as they were treating him) blurt it out against his will.

    19:32 - 19:33 watch the satisfied grin of a narcissist who just got fed her supply. Yikes.

    Next following minutes, she directs herself to her audience, giving another patronizing lecture about how to share from the heart and from a place of authenticity loool after she just demonstrated us her version of "authenticity" by treating her husband in such a heartless manner.

    39:56 After about 20 minutes talking with her angel buddy she asks Sarbdeep with her usual smirk face “What are you thinking listening to these conversations?” supposedly to draw him in, but I think it’s really to put him on blast, reminding him that he is being left out and she enjoys if of course. Sarbdeep remains a gentleman though and says how much he loves the fact he brought them together. I guess he regrets that now..

    43:19- 43:21 more of her patronizing smirkface looking right at her then-husband treating him like a little child.

    Just wanted to point out this manipulative behavior so others can see for themselves what Doc and Cameron say is consistent with what she shows here on camera. I have seen other similar insensitive behavior of hers on Shadow House towards people who didn't do anything wrong but she obviously couldn't stand the spotlight being taken away from her for just a moment. Unfortunately that particular Shadow House episode I'm referring to has been taken down so I can't show the video anymore.

  25. can i just say that you're my fucking hero cameron? I KNEW something was off. I mean yes she has :psychic" abilities and I believe in the existence of non physical energies, but I just didn't know about her. something just felt really strange and fake to me.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. This is very telling. I'm not fan of Teal Swan. I don't dislike or like her. I don't know much about her. I've heard of her. I've seen a few of her videos and interviews in the past, but I never jumped on the Teal bandwagon as something felt off about her that wasn't particularly positive.

    I don't mean to knock her, but I'm just explaining that something felt off. And considering she's part of Hay House, which attracts in a spiritual audience, this doesn't necessarily mean that the spiritual audience is psychic or in tune, because they would be picking up on that too.

    I've noticed some on this board had picked up on something similar. This article interview seems to shed some light on those holes in her stories. I'm a victim of child abuse and typically the first to give any victim more understanding and support before anyone else. However, when I read about Teal Swans claims I found I was giggling throughout as it was clearly all over the place and fabricated. I thought, "I can't be the only one who is picking up on this." I stumbled upon this article piece in the process. Her fabrications and embellishments are so out there in a sense that I was surprised she got a book deal out of that. It's along the lines of the desert alien abduction episodes Anne Heche claimed to have had.

    But Hay House isn't known for ensuring the author is factual. It's the spiritual genre, so it can be open game. If someone says it, then it must be true. Not knocking Hay House either as they've produced an immense amount of wonderful self-help books. I'm merely making a generalization.

  28. I "follow" her on the periphery - primarily Facebook, because I viewed a few of her videos and liked the message. But, just like many here, something seemed to be a bit.."off." The message was OK, but the body didn't fit it's core. Her constantly posting pics of herself was a bit odd, but I just sort of put it on the back burner - until the other day. I don't read her posts often, but one in particular caught my eye. It was a long post regarding another "guru" accusing Teal of plagiarizing his philosophy, and the negative effects it's had on her.(I researched this other person, and truthfully, he's as big a narcissist as she, with a similar type of following.) What struck me, was this almost incessant need for the "Tealer" to vehemently defend Teal's book. It stuck a real nerve. I left a comment, which basically said that wisdom can't be copyrighted, and if this other guru was so "enlightened," then what Teal wrote, regardless if it was originally his, would be of little or no consequence. Well this raised a firestorm. His followers started commenting, and her followers started liking this seemingly innocuous post. That's when it all started coming together, and I realized that this other "guru" was the mirror image of Teal, and that both were cult leaders.

    I started doing my research, which brought me to the "Black Swan," and to your blogs. I'm not as emotionally invested in Teal as you were and countless others are, however I can see the devastating effects she's had. I agree, that factual information will not have an impact on most of her followers, because many are vulnerable and feel they have found a place where they "belong." However there will be some, like myself, who have not become so invested in her, who will question. You will reach a few in her inner circle, but more importantly, you will be there for those who have been betrayed by Teal and will need your support.

    Change is slow, but I believe the truth always prevails. Maybe not a your timetable, but Teal cannot sustain, as she has tipped the balance too far in the other direction. Namaste.