Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Open Letter To Gabriel Morris Regarding Teal Swan – UPDATE: Gabriel's Non-Response

Appearing at The Truth About Cameron and Celestial Reflections.

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UPDATE: Gabriel's Non-Response (See Below)

Recently Gabriel "Kundalini" Morris wrote a blog post taking me to task on my public statements about Teal Swan. He also challenged an upcoming release of an interview with Teal's alleged abuser. What follows is my response to his blog post.

Dear Gabriel,

Thank-you for initiating a public dialog regarding our diverging views on Teal Swan. I'd like to address a number of the points you raised in your blog post. I’m not going to address your speculation about what actually transpired between Teal and her alleged abuser and where she stayed and when, because speculation is all that it is. You’ve created a logical house of cards based entirely on Teal’s statements without even seeing what the man she’s accused of all these things has to say. You are welcome to read the interview with Teal's alleged abuser and draw your own conclusions. A number of the other questions you raise, however, I can speak to. I feel much of what you wrote misrepresented and misstated me. For that and other reasons, I feel the need to respond to your blog and let a clear public record stand. I will be addressing your points in no particular order.

You write:

"There wouldn't be much of a controversy surrounding Teal Swan if it wasn't for Cameron Clark. Cameron is, to the best of my knowledge, the only person who has actually met Teal and spent significant time with her, who is now publicly speaking critically of her. There are other critics certainly, but not people who have spent significant time with her and are now speaking publicly and forcefully about her."

Well, that’s awfully specific. So, only a person who has spent significant time with Teal and who is also speaking out “forcefully” is to be taken seriously as a critic? You seem to have narrowed the scope in order to deliberately exclude a slew of critics and disenfranchised followers. Many people other than myself have enjoyed condemnation by Teal and even death threats from her followers for critiquing and questioning her public record and behavior. You’re not even considering Fallon, her former live-in boyfriend, whom she publicly humiliated by proclaiming a psychopath and who has since written publicly about his experiences in her “cult.” There was controversy long before I spoke out, and no doubt, it would continue if I went silent tomorrow.

What about her followers? The vast majority of them haven’t spent significant time with her either. Does that make their fondness for her equally meaningless? Gabriel, you've spent spent far less time with her than I have. What does that say about your observations?